ClickBid Empowers The You’ve Got This! Project to Raise Funds and Spread Inspiration

August 14, 2023

ClickBid recently partnered with The You’ve Got This! Project in their pickleball tournament fundraiser.  The nonprofit’s first-ever pickleball event was held on June 17th, 2023, and successfully combined sport, community engagement, and philanthropy to support its mission of generating treatment starter packs for adults in the process of receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment. 

The You’ve Got This! Project provides trial-sized products that aim at reducing and aiding the harsh symptoms of chemotherapy or radiation treatment for patients all throughout the United States. 

The nonprofit was founded in 2018 when one of its board members was diagnosed with cancer. She felt overwhelmed not knowing how her body would respond to treatment. After her successful recovery, she founded the nonprofit to pass on the knowledge and products that helped aid her in her recovery, creating a ‘No One Fights Alone’ community. 

When presented with the opportunity to partner with ClickBid Mobile Bidding, The You’ve Got This! Project gladly accepted a complimentary software package, generously gifted by an employee of ClickBid. This collaboration proved to be a game-changer, enabling the nonprofit to think outside the box and create a new fundraising opportunity. Adopting ClickBid’s platform, The You’ve Got This! Project was able to streamline its fundraising efforts by adopting an online silent auction and maximizing its donor experience for individuals unable to attend and support the local event, creating a win-win opportunity for the nonprofit.

The You’ve Got This! Project organized pickleball clinics and round-robin play, catering to individuals of all skill levels. Players and supporters, both attending and at home, were encouraged to bid on and participate in the online silent auction. ClickBid’s mobile bidding platform made it convenient and exciting for attendees to participate in the auction, intensifying the friendly rivalries and ultimately maximizing the funds raised, due to allowing participation from guests who were not physically present at the event. 

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“The seamless integration of the software enabled efficient event management, while the user-friendly interface allowed participants to bid effortlessly from their smartphones and overall elevated our event! I did not dream that the auction would bring in as much money as it did, and people have already approached me hoping that I have the auction again next year. We couldn’t be happier or more thankful for this opportunity,” said founder Mary Jo Wegenke. 

The online auction and mobile bidding process was a new feature for the nonprofit, but their donors were very pleased with the seamless process and are looking forward to participating in future events. 

“The last time I participated in a silent auction, the bidding was on CLIPBOARDS, which looking back was not user-friendly and seemed like more work for the nonprofit. It was interesting to get up to speed with the times and embrace technology,” said a silent auction participant. 

The You’ve Got This! Project and ClickBid Mobile Bidding’s partnership exemplifies the potential for nonprofits and how integrating technology into their fundraising efforts can help raise more funds for their mission and expand their donor base.

For more information on The You’ve Got This! Project and how to donate to their mission, click here to view their website. 

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