Multi-Events for Unlimited Fundraising

July 28, 2023

ClickBid's new multiple events feature revolutionizes the way organizations host fundraisers. Now you can effortlessly plan and manage unlimited fundraising events simultaneously on our platform. 

Whether you have back-to-back fundraisers in August and September, or multiple events throughout the year, ClickBid’s new feature empowers you to dive into event planning whenever you're ready. With the ability to front-load your set-up and prepare at your convenience, you can take fundraising to new heights. 

To celebrate this exciting release, we've highlighted some of our favorite details and provided tips on making the most of this feature.

Removing Old Event Information

Farewell to the hassle of archiving old event data. With our newly added Organization tab, managing active and inactive events is now a breeze. Do you need to reuse your old event’s URL and kickstart a new event year after year? No problem! Simply click the three dots on your event card and select "Deactivate Event.

This removes the event from your Active Events view while retaining all the previous event data. 

You can always access your archived events by selecting the Event Status dropdown and choosing either "Show Inactive Events" or "Show All Events." Unlike archiving, your previous event data remains intact, allowing you to refer back to old events and view reports effortlessly.

Effortlessly Create New Events

Preparing for a new event can be a significant workload. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could simply copy and paste your event information from year to year? What if your previous Landing Page designer is no longer available? No need to worry! 

When creating a new event, you now have the option to copy selected data from a previous event. We take care of transferring the relevant information, including items, Landing Pages, Ticket Pages, Bidders, Pre-Composed Texts/Emails, and even Merchant Account details! Once the data has been copied over, you can easily edit or remove any information that won't be used. 

We understand that nonprofits often hold similar events year after year, and this feature enables you to create similar events while easily updating the necessary settings.

Embrace the Power of Simultaneous Events

Gone are the days of waiting for one event to end before starting the next. With ClickBid's multi-events feature, you now have the freedom to run multiple events simultaneously. 

Imagine selling tickets for your fall gala while simultaneously building the auction for your golf outing in the spring. This highly requested feature has been a dream of ours for years, and we are thrilled to make it a reality. Judging by the enthusiastic response from our clients, who have already started building out events for the entire year, it's clear how much they love this feature.

Unleash Your Event Planning Creativity

Need some inspiration for planning events with our new feature? Our Account Management team is here to help. Reach out to them for unique ideas and guidance on making the most of ClickBid and our multi-events feature. We can't wait to see the incredible ideas you bring to life with ClickBid. Get ready to take your fundraising efforts to new heights!

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