ClickBid Release Notes - 6.1

August 16, 2018


  1. Item Donor Thank You letters can now be generated from within the system. There are numerous mail merge codes and once the letters are generated, they can be individually edited before printing/saving to pdf.
  2. In Butler, it is now possible to assign a bidder number either by typing in the number or letting the page auto assign the next available number.
  3. On the Landing Page Content page, it is now possible to re-order the content blocks when using an Enhanced Landing Page.
  4. Also on the Landing Page Content page, it is now possible to insert sponsor logos using a [sponsors all] shortcode. Individual sponsor logos can also be inserted using [sponsors ids=nnnnn,nnnnn] using the ID number found on the Rotating Sponsor Logos page.
  5. On the bidding site, when using the Register to Bid page, the system will now first ask for the phone number and email address. If either of these match an existing bidder record, the user will be prompted that they can log in using that bidder record or continue creating a new record.
  6. On the Manage Items page, when adding an item, the default closing time will be 11:55pm on the day the item is being added.
  7. The leaderboard now has the ability to show items with item type ‘quantity’.
  8. On the Pre-Event Dashboard and also on the Sales Summary for any given ticket page, there is now a total guests count. The dashboard will show the collective number across all ticket pages.
  9. For all editable-format content boxes throughout the system, a new editor was installed which supports embedding of photos and video.
  10. During account renewal, the system will no longer update the closing date/time of any items already in the system.
  11. Item Display Cards – it is now possible to elect to show the starting bid for the item on item display cards.
  12. Numerous ‘style sheet’ changes were made on forms throughout the bidding site.
  13. Custom Facebook Pixel now available in admin.
  14. Custom Google Analytics now available in admin.
  15. Date range can be chosen now for CRM export of Text-To-Give donations.

Issues Addressed

  1. When setting up a ticket for a ticket page, if a discount code is provided, a discount price now also must be provided.
  2. On Manage Bidders, when performing a batch update, at least one record must now be selected. Also, bid increments are now being batch updated correctly.
  3. On the bidding site, a ‘watching’ heart will now stay on screen after a bid has been placed on the item.


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