ClickBid Release Notes - 6.1.120

September 5, 2018


  1. Processing for Reli-Bid updated to modernized logic
    • Register to bid
    • Bidapp Edit user (when a password exists)
    • Bidapp checkout
    • Bidapp checkin
    • Bidapp add a card
    • Butler updating a bidder
    • Butler checkout
    • Batch checkout
  2. CSS change to help with allowing text to show up centered when it is centered in our landing page content edit boxes.
  3. CSS change to butler for editing bidders and bidder checkout – some buttons were changed and cleaned up.
  4. CSS change to the bidapp main page. The header portion is now more dynamic with respect to the length of the org name, bidder name, table name and if they need to add a card. All of those things should now fit regardless of how many characters any of those aspects have.
  5. CSS change to bidapp checkin page that allows custom css to control display of address fields.
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