ClickBid Release Notes - 6.o

July 5, 2018


  1. We have added several Item Types to the system to accommodate more scenarios. Here is a list of all of our items types with a brief description of each:
    1. Live – this type is intended for live auction items sold by an auctioneer or emcee. Only positive bids are allowed (negative were allowed in the past). Any number of bids in any amount can be added for a live item. It is also the recommended item type for silent items in a paper-based auction where no mobile bidding takes place.
    2. Silent – this type is used for competitive mobile bidding. The last bid (also the highest bid) placed on this item will be the winning bid, and only that bidder will be charged for the item. A buy now price is available for use with this item type.
    3. Donation – this item type will allow an organization to set up multiple donation items if they choose to. This item type is for monetary donations only. All bidders who have a bid placed on this item will be charged. Closing time is also now observed for these items on the bidding site. Bids can be added after closing via Butler.
    4. Quantity – this item type has a purchase quantity drop down, i.e. Purchase 1 for $100, Purchase 2 for $200, etc. All bidders who have a bid placed on this item will be charged. The quantity available can be set to unlimited or a quantity can be specified.
    5. Blind – this item type will have an amount field where the bidder enters their bid. Bidders cannot see how much other bidders have bid and no outbid notices are sent. The bidder with the highest bid at closing wins, no matter when the bid was placed. If there is a tie for the highest bid, the bid that was placed first wins.
    6. Info – this item type allows for a bid to be added for a bidder so the item/info shows up on a receipt but has no effect on the total. Intent is for this type to be used mainly for raffle winners, but could be anything that an org wants to call attention to for a bidder.  FMV = Price = $0, only allowed to be invisible.
    7. Credit – this item type is used to apply negative amounts to a checkout for any reason (raffle winner, courtesy discount, etc.). FMV = 0, only allowed to be invisible. Will bring a total down to zero but not negative, regardless of how large the credit is. Note that this is different than a refund on a purchase.
  2. The bidding site has received a makeover with numerous changes including:
    1. More items displayed at various screen resolutions, i.e. now 2 columns of items on most phones.
    2. The header of the page is now displayed in a static position and sponsor logo rotation was improved.
    3. Because of our revision of the Donation item type, the Donate button now acts as a filter and displays all donation type items.
    4. A zoom function was added for item images.
    5. The bid/info/preview/buy action button now initiates a ‘popover’ section on the page.
    6. The number of bids an item has is now listed with the item.
    7. If the item is at less than 60% of its FMV, it will be labeled as a ‘Great Deal’
    8. If the item has at least 9 bids and is over 60% of FMV, it will be labeled as a ‘Hot Item’
    9. Donation items will show the total amount donated for the item. If the item is configured to display its goal, a status bar will be shown with the amount of progress toward the goal.
  3. The Butler now includes the bid history for a bidder in the bidder lookup results, has a button for paid items and in general a cleaner look.
  4. Item Status has been updated to only include Active, Closed and Invisible. The item status of ‘paid’ has been removed from the system. Any items in a status of ‘paid’ at the launch of this release will be changed to ‘closed’. There are still numerous ways in the system to see if an item has been paid, including Butler bidder lookup, Event Payments, Event Sales, Current Winning Bids, Item bid history, Bidder bid history, receipts and statements.
  5. The ability to add an item donation form to the Landing Page has been added. This would allow a landing page visitor to submit information about an auction item they were donating to the auction. The form can be added to any Landing Page block.
  6. Venmo has been added as a payment method for mobile checkout pages. These include mobile bidding checkout, ticket sales, and online donations/text to give.  Venmo is a mobile only service and the user must have the Venmo app installed and configured to use it as a payment method. It will not appear as a payment type on non-mobile browsers and is only available via Safari on iOS devices and in Chrome on Android devices.
  7. The Landing Page login section was revised to provide more distinction between logging in with an existing bidder number versus registering for a new bidder number. The self-registration page was also revised to prompt for mobile number and email first. This is in preparation for functionality in a future release where these entries will be validated against existing bidders to prevent multiple registrations by the same bidder.
  8. For clients using ClickBid credit processing, refunds can no longer be made on transactions that have been paid out, except by a limited number of ClickBid employees.
  9. The report ‘Items by $ Amount’ was renamed ‘Items by Winning $ Amount’


Issues Addressed

  1. Paid Bidder Statements that contain more than one receipt and a refund now have an accurate ‘paid over FMV’ total for the statement.
  2. Manage Bidders now generates confirmation popups for sending texts and sends texts to multiple numbers when more than one phone number exists for the bidder.
  3. Manage Online Donations now sorts records by date correctly.
  4. Link back to Moneris hosted token page is no longer broken.
  5. Butler checkout is no longer adding the internal bidder id to the phone number field.
  6. Admin Welcome page ‘look at and edit your bidders’ link is no longer broken.


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