ClickBid Release Notes - 6.4

June 5, 2019


  1. The Signup page has been redesigned into new, more logical sections.  It now captures more organization information as well as giving the ability to select 1 or 3 year agreements and produces updated invoices and receipts based on the 1 vs 3 year selection. 
  2. When ClickBid processing is selected, new fields will be present on Software Settings >> Auction Settings, Payment & Goals section for the client to fill in their routing number, bank account number and bank name.  None of these fields are required, but if a routing number is entered, we will validate that it is 9 digits.  A link to order credit card swipers was also added to this section.
  3. Software Settings >> Account Settings, we will display the organization name and allow the event name to be edited. By default, from signup, they will be the same.  If the organization name needs to be updated, a support request can be submitted.
  4. Software Settings >> Account Status/Renew – the renew page has been updated to include info about/selection of 1 yr vs 3 yr agreements as well.  Account Status & Renew will also allow the next event name to be entered when creating a secondary event.  The Renew page has been updated to be easier to follow the steps required.
  5. Items >> Manage Item Images, when uploading images in bulk, we will now catch spaces and underscores in image names after the item number.  For example, 100-name.jpg is the expected format, but 100 – name.jpg and 100_name.jpg will be converted to 100-name.jpg during our import process.

Issues addressed:

  1. Refund Auction Payment – when refunding an item that had tax included, the refund will now also refund the tax amount.
  2. Data Management – when archiving bidders the bidder status will now be set back to blank.
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