ClickBid Release Notes - 6.3

January 21, 2019


  1. Software Settings >> Connect to Archives, when viewing ‘Bidders’, the bidder’s statement is now available to see the purchases made based on the archived data.  The statement launches in a new browser tab and the browser print function can be used to print it or save it as a pdf.
  2. When purchasing tickets from the Ticket Page, it is now possible to select one guest record to be the purchaser and one guest record to become a bidder and keep the credit card used for ticket purchase on file for the event.
  3. Using Butler, when viewing ‘Paid Items’ for bidders, icons are available to email or launch a new tab containing any receipt for that bidder or the bidder statement (all receipts).  Once launched in a new tab, the receipt/statement can be printed using the browser print function and a connected printer.
  4. Using Bidders >> Text Bidders, it is now possible to send a preview message to a bidder. The bidder can be looked up by number or name. A bidder will only be displayed in the drop down list if they have a phone number on file. Text messages sent via this method will contain actual links for that bidder instead of preview links.
  5. Software Settings >> Account Status now shows software invoices and purchase receipts with the ability to view/print/email.
    1. Invoices now include instructions on paying via credit card on the Account Status page.
    2. Purchase receipts now include the purchase date.
  6. On the bidding site, if there is only one visible, active donation item, clicking the ‘Donate’ button next to the menu button will launch the ‘submit donation’ popup for that item.
  7. Link expiration has been updated for links to the system (i.e. ). Most links have a 60 day expiration including [u] and [chk]. The ticketed guest update link is 180 days. Outbid notices expire after 1 day. Password change requests after 5 minutes.
  8. Bidding site auction preview and when logged in, the item names have been limited in terms of the number of characters that will be displayed to keep font size consistent across all items. If the item name is longer than the number of characters displayed, the cutoff will be followed by “…” to indicate that there is more content for the item name. When clicking to view details on the preview or when logged in, the full name is displayed in the popup.
  9. Event >> Event Payments, ‘Processed’ section now includes a link to the best practice document for refunding/voiding transactions as well as an icon key to assist with understanding the buttons on the page.
  10. Signing up for a new account (demo, full license or FAN) will no longer default a sample organization logo. Clients will now have to choose to include a logo and upload their desired file.
  11. Throughout the system, wherever the ability existed to download an image template, the download has been removed.
  12. Items >> Display Cards, you can now choose to show/hide the footer, show/hide the organization logo, and a link has been added to assist with loading the organization logo.
  13. Event Tickets >> Modify Tickets, links to best practices for each ticket type are now included on the page where you complete the details of the ticket type.
  14. Software Settings >> Account Status, you can now only adjust the start Time of an event on this page (instead of the date and time).

Issues addressed

  1. Ticket Page Sales Summary should now be accurate regarding refunded amounts.
  2. Using the [t] shortcode for table name in text messages is once again working.
  3. Landing Page Content was updated to use “fr-view” to ensure WYSIWYG functionality.
  4. Text to Register is once again enabled based on closing date.
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