ClickBid Release Notes - 6.2

December 17, 2018


  1. Added the ability for the admin user to archive their past event data and view the archived data.  The option to archive data will be presented when a new event is configured, and it can also be accessed any time from a new menu option, Software Settings >> Data Management. Data can only be archived if there are no ClickBid merchant transactions outstanding. Software Settings >> Connect to Archives will launch a separate admin to all access to various archives.  This whole process empowers the user to clear out old data and start working on their next event without needing assistance from ClickBid support.
  2. Auto-save improvements – most pages in the ClickBid admin utilize auto-save capabilities.  These pages have been improved to ensure that if the browser back button is clicked, the browser will cause the most recent changes to be saved before allowing the user to leave the page.
  3. Opt Out of administrative fee – the admin can now be configured to allow bidders, ticket purchasers and donors to choose whether they pay an added fee (usually added to cover credit card fees).  Specifically, self-checkout (during an auction), ticket purchases, and online donations/text to give can now have an opt out checkbox added. This is controlled on the PayTemp Mail ents & Goals section of Software Settings >> Auction Settings. 
  4. Auction Settings page now allows the start date of the auction to be set by the admin user and also displays the on-call support date.
  5. The bidding site has been enhanced to enable bidders to stay logged in longer (as long as they keep that browser tab open).
  6. The ability to hide the Login/Register block has been added on the Landing Page Content page.
  7. The ability to launch the online donation page or a ticket page from the ‘details’ button has been added to the Landing Page Content page.
  8. A ‘Home’ link has been added to the admin for users to be able to find the welcome page more easily.
  9. The ‘social sharing’ icons can now be hidden on the ticket purchase page.
  10. The term “auction purchase” was removed from auction checkout receipts and replaced with “transaction” to be more generic.
  11. Event Sales report has been updated to include a ‘cc fee’ column for ‘administrative fees’ that were added to checkouts.
  12. In-Event dashboard was enhanced to include text to give / online donations totals.
  13. Menu option ‘Online Donations’ was changed to ‘Donations/Text to Give’
  14. Upon account renewal, we now show our ‘new event instructions’ page.

Issues addressed:

  1. Importing bidders with no bid numbers now produces no message indicating that a bid number was assigned.
  2. Donations / Text to give page is now sorting dates ascending/descending correctly.
  3. If a welcome text is sent from Manage Bidders and the welcome text has been customized and includes [t], the table number will be included in the text.
  4. View ticket sales, if a purchaser name included an apostrophe, all characters after the apostrophe are now being displayed in the details section of the purchase.
  5. Bidding site, register to bid, if there is a problem with the credit card, the bidder record will not be created.
  6. Manage Bidders – buttons to send welcome text, check in link and welcome email will only appear if a phone/email is on file respectively.
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