ClickBid Release Notes - 5.3.1

January 10, 2018


  1. Appeal/Fund-A-Need/Paddle Raise entry via Butler was redesigned. There are now 2 entry methods with the expectation that only one will be used in conjunction with the Appeal Display.
    1. Add Appeal Donations – this page has an entry box for each denomination that has been configured as well as a custom amount field. The user can enter the bidder number and key * or the space bar (or ‘Add Donation’ button in iOS) and the donation in that amount is entered for that bidder. All entered donations for that amount are listed immediately below the entry box. Any unpaid donation can be deleted from this page (in case of typo, etc).  These donations are fed to the Appeal Display.
    2. Rapid Fire Keypad – this page is essentially the ‘Quick Entry’ format available in previous versions. These donations are added to the total and included on the Appeal Display.  There is a button for each denomination that has been configured as well as a custom amount entry box.  The total amount of donations entered is available at the top of this page. There is also a reset button to set the rapid fire total back to $0.
  2. All ticket page discount codes will no longer be case sensitive. The user can still configure codes with both upper and lower case letters, but the ticket page will convert whatever is entered to all lower case. For example, regardless of whether the discount code is configured as EARLYBIRD, EarlyBird, Earlybird or earlybird, when the ticket purchaser enters any form of earlybird, it will be accepted.
  3. All custom css file names will no longer be case sensitive. If a keyword has any caps, they will be ignored when looking for stored custom css.  Therefore, custom css saved for will also be displayed for


Issues Addressed

  1. Text to Give – if an online donation was initiated by texting the keyword to 56651, the custom background was not being displayed.
  2. Landing Page Content – on the Page Settings tab, a full screen background image could not be loaded.
  3. Landing Page Content – the ‘Details’ button was showing up on landing pages where the enhanced Giving Page had not been purchased. This has been removed.
  4. Account Settings – the yahoo/aol message was being shown for any change in email address.
  5. Account Settings – the phone number was not being updated in the database.
  6. Functions that were intended to archive bidder data were not archiving the entire bidder record.
  7. Manage Bidders – the drop down icons for functions such as bid history, edit bidder, print receipt, etc. were only staying available for clicking for approximately 2 seconds.
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