ClickBid Release Notes - 5.4

January 24, 2018


  • Text to Register – USA events can now text their keyword to 56651 and the response will include a link to use to register for a bidder number (if the register to bid feature is enabled and the event date has not passed). The message also allows the user to reply with a donation amount to receive a donation link. Only the donation message is present if register to bid is not on or the event has passed.
  • Event Starting and Closing dates – events now have both a starting date/time and a closing date/time. When the starting date/time is reached, the auction will be open for bidding. Item closing times cannot exceed the closing date/time. Default is 12:00am for start dates and 11:55pm for closing dates (last possible time to set an item to close on a given date). Signing up the first time for a ClickBid account will default the starting and closing dates to the same date. Existing accounts were updated to keep their starting date/time and closing date was selected based on the later of starting date or the furthest future item closing date.
  • Merchant changes
    • We now also send the merchant transactions email to the admin email address instead of just to CB Accounting.
    • Added info bubble instructions on how to use the page
    • Submit button is greyed out until transactions are available to submit
    • Default order of transactions is by last name.
  • Reports >> Bidder Statements now include the last name of the bidder in large bold font in the upper right corner for ease of use during checkout.
  • Appeal Settings – a link to the appeal display page was removed as irrelevant
  • Landing Page Content – an on/off toggle was added for the ‘sharethis’ social media icons – default on new (and existing) events is ‘yes’ to showing them.
  • Revised format of many links sent out by the system to our new “Bidly” style: – all of the following types of links will follow this format and therefore will always be 21 characters, regardless of the length of the keyword
    • Butler & Manage Bidder Welcome text and email
    • Butler Check in text
    • Mass message [u] and [chk]
    • Custom welcome message [u]
    • Guest update email from a ticket purchase
    • Text to Give / Text to Register
  • A new date format tool was established for editing items and batch updating items
  • A new page with various links to support articles appears after a secondary (2nd/3rd/4th) event is initiated.

Issues addressed

  • View Ticket Sales >> Download Ticket Sales CSV file was displaying ticket purchase date/time in UTC instead of the native timezone of the admin.
  • Revisions were needed for the scenario of a previous full license account renewing to a fund-a-need only account
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