ClickBid Release Notes - 5.3.0

January 3, 2018


  1. For all accounts using ClickBid Credit Processing, the billing zip code is now required when using a credit card. This includes putting a card on file, making an auction purchase, ticket page purchase, or online donation. Billing zip has also been added to the signup, account status and renew pages.
  2. When submitting a merchant report, the Submit button will now change to ‘Processing’ as soon as it has been clicked/tapped.
  3. For the custom content section for the Welcome Text Message, additional verbiage was added to describe the default message that will be sent if no custom message is composed.
  4. Upgrading from a Fund-A-Need only event to a full license will now provide a message about how Mass Messaging will need to either be paid for or deactivated by the purchaser.
  5. Account settings and signup pages now also prevent AOL email addresses from being entered in addition to yahoo addresses. These service providers block 3rd party emails from being sent through their servers, which prevents ClickBid from sending receipts to bidders, donors and ticket purchasers from an admin user with a yahoo or AOL email address. This change in ClickBid avoids this issue.
  6. Sending a support request from within ClickBid now accepts any name or email address to be entered rather than assuming the admin user (name and email) is the submitting party.

Issues Addressed

  1. Ticket Page Settings – this page was not showing the correct setting for most drop down choices. The settings were being saved but did not appear that way on the page.
  2. Landing Page Content – in some situations, content from more than one section was being displayed on a tab (i.e. Block B content on the Block A tab under the Block A content).
  3. Broken Links to ClickBid’s public site and legal page were updated throughout the admin and bidding site.
  4. Imported bidders and items were not showing their import ID on the details of their record.
  5. The items flag making an item available to ‘All bidders v. checked in bidders only’ was not being observed. Default items created when an account is created as well as imported items now all default to ‘all bidders’ as well.
  6. Refunding a ticket sale in an account not using ClickBid processing was causing a server error in producing the notification email.


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