ClickBid Release Notes - 5.2.0

December 27, 2017


  1. Purchase of a Fund-A-Need only event is now available. This includes all existing functionality in ClickBid except for the use of silent auction items. Live auction and donation items can be set up for use and all add ons are available for purchase with a FAN event.
  2. Rollout of 2018 pricing changes including:
    1. $795 US / $995 CAD for the full license (up to 4 events)
    2. $500 US / $675 CAD for a Fund-A-Need only event including messaging (all other add ons available for purchase at standard prices)
    3. $400 US / $525 CAD for Dedicated Customer Advisor & Messaging
    4. $200 US / $250 CAD per ticket page
    5. $200 US / $250 CAD for Enhanced Giving Page (separated from ticket page)
    6. $300 US / $400 CAD for 3rd Party Credit Processing (, etc)
  3. Maintaining current 2017 prices until January 1, 2018
  4. Online Donation enhancements including:
    1. Specifying a goal to be displayed on the donation page with progress bar
    2. Info on Donation Setings page to help with how to promote the giving page
    3. Ability to set a background image for the donation page
  5. Auction Settings & Landing Page Content reorganizing of location and grouping of certain system settings and added autosave functionality – changes are saved as soon as the user clicks away from the field or setting.
  6. Added new menu option Manage Ticket Pages to handle the scenarios of the setup of a new page or copying of an existing page. Ticket pages will also be automatically disabled when the annual license expires.
  7. Welcome Text Message is now fully customizable. If no customization is provided, we will default the typical message that has been used in the past.  This is set up in the Custom Content section of Software Settings >> Auction Settings.  Also introduced in this section is a new shortcode of [t] for table number. Using [t] will insert a phrase including the table number.
  8. Manage Items is now an auto save page – any change to any field is now automatically saved immediately.
  9. Slight font adjustments have been made to Butler Checkout.
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