ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.0

September 1, 2016


  1. Mobile checkout is now allowed at any time when a bidder has an item ready to check out. The ‘Checkout Now’ button will appear on all pages of the bidding site.
  2. Helpful walkthrough guides were added to the admin console. In the lower right you can now view walk-through tutorials on how to do common tasks within your account.
  3. Mass Messaging filters were added for ‘All Bidders with No Card On File’ and ‘Winning Bidders Not Checked Out & No Card On File’ to enable admins to encourage those bidders to use the link on the bidding site to add their credit card to their account.
  4. Up to 10 images can now be added to an item. This can be done from both the Manage Items detail page as well as the View & Upload Images page. All images can be rotated and image types of jpg, png, bmp and gif are all allowed (note that all image types are converted to jpg when stored except png which will stay png.) The bidding site allows the user to scroll through the items. The image is now displayed above the item name/number on the item bid page. Only one image is displayed on the browse page. The View & Upload Images page will also now accept filenames in the format nnnn-description.ext, i.e. 100-my image for item 100.jpg or 105 roller coaster.png and will match them up to the item number at the beginning of the filename.
  5. Using Butler check-in, the check-in link ([chk] from mass messaging) can now be sent upon completion of check-in. This can be defaulted On the ‘Butler’ page, adding a bid to a closed item in a non-max bidding event now requires the event ID to be entered for verification.
  6. On the ‘Butler’ page, you can no longer add a bid to a regular silent item that is in ‘paid’ status.
  7. Account Status page will now allow an account to be paid by credit card if the account was set up with an invoice sales code or the original card used was declined.
  8. Ticket page settings will now accept .png images for the ticket page header image.
  9. From View Ticket Sales, the Download Ticket Sales spreadsheet now contains the responses to any configured comment fields from the ticket page.
  10. New ClickBid logo was added to software purchase receipts.

Issues Resolved

  1. When using the ‘Butler’ page to enter a bid on an item set to invisible, if the entered bid caused an Auto bid (because of an existing max bid in the system), the process of placing the Auto bid was not updating the current high bid on the item record.
  2. In a max bidding event, when a second bid by the same bidder was placed and then deleted before any other bid was placed, the system continued to observe the deleted bid amount as a max bid.
  3. On the ‘Butler’ page, adding a bid to a closed item was allowed if the ‘Set as Max’ option was selected.
  4. Password special character handling on the signup page had been disabled.
  5. Leaderboard was showing invisible items.
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