ClickBid Release Notes 4.8.0

July 14, 2016


  1. Multiple ticket pages for a single account are now supported. These ticket pages are live and active as soon as they are created. It is up to the organization to decide how to advertise the pages and when to make the links available for supporters to use, as well as when to add guests as bidders, if at all. New functions include:
    1. Ability to create multiple new ticket pages from the Event Tickets menu.
    2. The default URL of the first new ticket page will be<slug>/tix
    3. The URL of any ticket page (including the one that was defaulted to tix ) can be edited to<slug>/<ticketpagename>
    4. Ability to indicate that this ticket page should have a button on the bidding site login page and the ability to customize the text of the button (20 characters max).
    5. Event Tickets menu will now have sub menus per ticket page when multiple pages exist.
    6. View Ticket Sales and Manage Guests will be available on each submenu and only show the data for that ticket page.
    7. When multiple pages exist, View ALL Ticket Sales and Manage ALL Guests will show total data for all ticket pages.
    8. Ability to see a Sales Summary for each ticket page.
    9. Pre-Event Dashboard Ticket Sales and Meal Info sections will be summary data of all ticket pages.
    10. Ability to delete any individual ticket page.
    11. The URL of the ticket page that was used to make the purchase now appears at the bottom of the ticket purchase receipt. This gives the ability to the purchaser to return to the ticket page from their emailed receipt and also acts as a reference for ClickBid staff and the organization to know which page was used to make the purchase.
    12. NOTE: when there is more than one ticket page, the Manage All Guests page will include the meal choice from every ticket page for every guest. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming release.
  2. Added a new anti-spam security check to the ticket page same one we use on the signup page.
  3. On the auction preview shown on the bidding site login page, when the details button is clicked/tapped to show the details of the item, the exceptions are now included in the data displayed.
  4. The ‘Activate My Account’ checkbox on account status is now defaulted to checked for demo accounts and the $500 purchase amount is calculated.
  5. When a bidder has a card on file, a credit card icon is displayed on the Manage Bidders page with the edit/bids/statement buttons.

Issues Resolved

  1. In Butler, when a bid was attempted for a bidder that did not exist, there was no message about the bidder not existing.
  2. On View Ticket Sales, the button to resend the guest update link was being provided for every entry, even if there were no tickets purchased for a given entry (such as donation only).
  3. An account in demo mode past its event date would show a secondary event purchase option on the account status page.
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