ClickBid Release Notes 4.9.1

September 8, 2016


  1. The ticket page will now prevent a $0 purchase unless a specific $0 discount code has been used. The discount code field will now also only be revealed if a quantity is selected for a ticket type with a discount code.
  2. Guest update page will now show meal info if meals are to be selected.
  3. The subject line of the email for a ticket purchase receipt will now be Ticket Purchase. It was previously Ticket Purchase.
  4. The online donation page (where credit card info is entered) now requires the email address to be entered. A field for phone number is also displayed if the page was launched from a web page and not via Text to Give (where ClickBid would already know the phone number). Emailed receipt is sent automatically upon submitting the credit card info instead of waiting for the donor to request it on the confirmation page.
  5. Using the admin Item Bid History page, bids on an item can now be deleted in bulk. This is mainly useful for quickly removing ‘dummy’ donation bids created by the Quick Entry feature for appeal bids on the Butler page. Bids are still not allowed to be deleted if they have been paid (no checkbox will appear next to these bids).
  6. Ticket purchase URL was removed from the email receipt.

Issues Resolved

  1. During signup, default images for the 2 silent auction items and logos were not being set up correctly.
  2. Removing a bidder created from a ticket guest record was causing an error.
  3. Typo fixed on the drop down menus for emailing and texting bidders.
  4. Outbid link was not directing to the correct page after 4.9 release.
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