ClickBid Release Notes 4.7.0

June 29, 2016


  1. Credit Card swipers will no longer be supported for ClickBid events. In general, we will encourage clients to encourage their bidders to use functions available to them to enter their own card number into ClickBid. We recommend the ‘Scan Credit Card’ feature (in iOS 8+ and some versions of Android) for using the device camera to capture the embossed credit card number, and card numbers can always be keyed by hand if needed.
  2. If the bidder does not have a card on file, a new banner will appear when logged in to the bidding site. A link is included to take the bidder to a page where they can put their credit card on file. The bidder can only put a card on file using this page, not edit a card on file. Bidders would need to have a password on their account to have access to edit a card on file. Bidders will still have the ability to update a card during self-checkout.
  3. When using ClickBid credit processing, all credit card entry fields now use BrainTree hosted fields for improved security and validation.
    1. For ClickBid credit processing, in the admin and butler, a button will need to be clicked to reveal the credit card fields for entry. If the user decides not to enter a card, the fields will have to be closed by the same button to continue. If card data is entered and then the fields are closed and reopened, the card data will have to be entered again.
    2. When using ClickBid credit processing, note that anywhere in the system where ClickBid used to show the last 4 of the credit card, now only the last 2 digits will be shown (dictated by BrainTree).
  4. When signing up for a new event (purchase or demo), the event will be pre-configured with:
    1. bidder (the person who signed up)
    2. several sample items such that the auction will be open immediately and available for testing. Numerous software settings will be defaulted to enable this, including turning on ClickBid credit processing (if credit API was not purchased), requiring credit card entry on register today page, and enabling bidder self-checkout. In demo mode, no credit processing is available.
    3. Bidder welcome email and text will be sent to the bidder with links to log in to the auction.
  5. Butler checkout now supports the ability to select which items are checked out for a given bidder, allowing some of the bidder’s items to be paid with one method and other items to be paid by another method.
  6. Butler Add a Bid has been enhanced regarding adding bids to silent auction items that have already closed. Now there is a pop-up that asks the user to enter the Event ID (found on the upper left of each admin page after the organization name) to confirm that they want to enter a bid on a closed item. ‘  ‘  ‘  This should help prevent volunteers from mistakenly placing a bid after closing, especially on an item that already has bids.
  7. The Leaderboard has been upgraded to allow selection of showing either winning bidder number or winning bidder name. ‘  ‘  ‘  It is also now showing aggregate totals for donation items. It has also had various internal enhancements that will allow for more upgrades in the near future.
  8. Not a code change, but we have updated our merchant account to validate on credit card CVV. Note that in some cases (Visa at least), an invalid expiration date will be identified as a problem with the CVV.

Issues Resolved

  1. Donate from login page was allowing blank donation amounts or alpha characters on some browsers.
  2. When in demo mode it was possible to set the account to use ClickBid credit processing.
  3. Typos in various places in the system were corrected.
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