ClickBid Release Notes 4.6.0

April 28, 2016


  1. BeanStream Credit Processing API was added for Canadian customers.
  2. When ‘max bidding’ is enabled, the button on the bidding page now says ‘BID/SET MAX’ so it is more clear that max bidding is available and that clicking the button is the start of the process to set a max bid.
  3. Manage Guests was updated to allow multiple emails and phone numbers to be entered, separated by commas. If a bidder is created or already created, the bidder record is updated as well with the additional email(s)/phone(s).
  4. Manage Guests was updated to include a link ( ‘Download Manage Guests’) at the top of the page that will download a report of all the visible data on the page.
  5. The Account Settings page was updated to prevent the slug field from being edited by the user. A message was added to the info bubble to email if they want to change it.
  6. Improvements were made in the item import to better handle closing dates and the various formatting that they could potentially have from the excel or csv file.

Issues Resolved

  1. When unsuccessfully bidding against a max bid, there was an issue with the message displayed to the unsuccessful bidder.
  2. When a bidder, whose password was set to required, used the Settings page on the bidding menu to update info, there was an issue with the password being updated.
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