ClickBid Release Notes - 4.5.5

April 21, 2016


  1. On the bidding site, the ‘Checkout Now’ button has been added to the ‘My Bids’ page, and items on the ‘My Bids’ page now reflect their paid status. Quantity purchase items will refer the bidder to their statement for payment status.
  2. Event Manager has been removed from the admin and replaced with Launch Butler  which will launch the web version of the Event Butler app in a separate browser tab.
  3. When importing items, item type ‘live’ is now accepted as well as ‘live/preview’. The import also now accepts the column label of ‘name’ as well as ‘item name’ in the first row of the import sheet.
  4. On the bidding site, when the bidder logs in and is presented with their name, the buttons to choose from have changed to ‘I Accept’ and ‘Cancel’.
  5. References to ClickBid’s legal terms for use of the system have been added as a link on the bidding site confirmation page. This is separate from the organization’s ability to put their own terms on the confirmation page.
  6. References to ClickBid’s legal terms for use of the system have been added as a link in the footer of all pages in the admin as well as the Account Status and Renewal pages.
  7. Admin Renewal page, the event date language has been added directly to the page instead of in an info bubble in an effort to make it clear that setting this date accurately is important to the Customer.
  8. Ticket page credit processing error messages are now highlighted by a red box to make it more obvious to the user that an error occurred.
  9. Html editors for text boxes were added throughout the system including Event Settings and Ticket pages.


  1. During Butler login, if an invalid event ID was used, no message was being given.
  2. On the bidding site, if a photo was uploaded for a quantity purchase item, the photo was not being display to the bidder.
  3. If a bidder place a buy now bid, then used the undo bid function, a max bid for the buy now amount remained in place for that bidder.
  4. During item import, ‘Donation’ item type is now importing correctly.
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