ClickBid Release Notes - 4.5.0

February 16, 2016


  1. When the system is configured for the event to take place outside US or Canada, the international phone check box is automatically checked if a phone number is added. This was added throughout the system.
  2. Changed functionality so that a bid that has been paid for is not allowed to be deleted.
  3. The Register Today page now indicates how to add multiple phone numbers.
  4. Behind the scenes database optimizations.
  5. Changed the pricing structure from Event License to Annual License, additional changes to pricing structure follow:
  6. Unlimited Bidders/Items (System is set to 2500 Bidders and 1000 Items, but more can be added by ClickBid)
  7. Secondary events are $250 within the annual license period.
  8. The first Dedicated Customer Advisor purchase is $400 and a DCA for subsequent events is $200 within the annual license period.
  9. Mass Messaging, Online Tickets/Pre-Event Pages and Third Party Credit Processing are all purchased for $400 each on an annual basis (within the annual license period, not per event).


  1. Batch processing of Credit Cards was not completing properly
  2. There was an issue that was preventing the bids over time graph to not be displayed.
  3. Another issue with graphs not showing when there was a 0 value to be displayed.
  4. Appeal donations time was not being saved in the database, causing the date and time to be shown an 11/29/16 18:01:00 for every appeal bid.
  5. Fixed an issue where mass messaging would stop when a bad phone number or email was being used causing any other messages after that one to not be sent. Now it will just skip the bad one and continue.
  6. Mobile checkout now marks items as paid.
  7. Event Sales page was not accounting for tax on items with $0 FMV.
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