ClickBid Release Notes - 4.4.0

January 21, 2016


  1. FMV is now a toggle for displaying on receipts, if off it will not display anything related to FMV. This is particularly useful for International events and for-profit use.
  2. Changed all areas where state is displayed to show country if it is an international organization (Country set to something other than US/CAN). This also forced a change to the input boxes for the state field, so that it now accepts more than 2 characters.
  3. International phone number checkbox is automatically checked on import if the country is set to something other than US or Canada and a phone number is imported for the bidder.
  4. For international events (not US/CAN), when a ticketed guest is made into a bidder the international phone number checkbox is automatically checked for them.
  5. Updated the ticket sales page to have all the fields from the Download Ticket Sales in the CSV download. This report now contains 1 column with the complete total of each purchase (including tickets, sponsorships, underwriting and donations) for easier reconciliation.
  6. Updated the account status page to be more efficient.
  7. Added a public key  generator to the account settings page. This will need to be set before using anything with the ClickBid API (such as Facebook donations).
  8. Added Ticket Purchaser and Ticketed Guest filters to the bulk email and texting forms.
  9. Added a pop-up alert when Ticket Purchaser or Ticketed Guest is selected for bulk email or text. The only short codes available for these filters are First and Last Name.
  10. Zip is displayed as Postal Code for all areas outside the US. For non US/CAN events, even when address is required, postal code is not.
  11. Deleting a ticket purchase or online donation sends an email to ClickBid accounting when ClickBid credit processing is used. Right now this is true for all deletions a future release will limit this to only credit card purchases.


  1. A blind bid was showing the current high bid instead of my current bid
  2. Capturing address on mobile checkout does not update bidder record.
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