ClickBid Release Notes - 4.5.1

March 2, 2016


  1. During a ticket purchase, we now store the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the purchase. We can now display them on the reprint or resend of the receipt and include them on internal void alert emails.
  2. When an account has passed its anniversary date:
  3. The ability on the Account Status page to purchase a secondary event for $250 is removed
  4. The message on the Account Status page now says that the anniversary date has passed instead of showing negative days until expiration.
  5. The Event Settings event date is now read only with a link to send a support request if the client needs to update it.
  6. The event date is now editable internally on the Add Features page.
  7. The Event Settings page now has a checkbox to request card readers. Checking the box and saving will update a new field on the podio project called CB: Card Readers. The info bubble for the checkbox indicates that CB may charge up to $50 for round trip shipping of the card readers.
  8. Signing up for a demo using the signup form no longer requires a credit card on file. This also means that a group will not be auto charged after 30 days.
  9. An item’s item number can no longer be changed once the item has bids.
  10. Changed URL format and email/text link for the [chk] function.


  1. In Event Manager and Butler, when entering bid amounts, decimal was not recognized and cents digits were interpreted as dollars.
  2. When signing up online, if a credit card issue occurred, we were only sending the invoice for the software amount and not including any add-ons that were purchased.
  3. RSVP ticket page receipt was not calculating discount code amounts properly.
  4. Live/Preview and Donation items marked taxable were not always having their tax calculated during checkout.
  5. Reports >> Items by $ Amount and the Items by $ Amount section of the Post Event Report were displaying the wrong winning bidder in cases of a max bidding tie.
  6. Changing the item number for the appeal item was not updating the appeal settings page.
  7. Images will now maintain their connection to an item when the item number is changed.
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