ClickBid Release Notes - 4.1.1

April 22, 2015


  1. The discount code is now recorded and displayed on the ticket purchase receipt emailed to the purchaser (not the statement available in the admin).
  2. Removed the merge bidder feature temporarily for re-building.
  3. Exporting more complete information for bidders from Manage Bidders and items from Manage Items pages via the ‘CSV’ button.
  4. Buy Now items that are purchased that way are now available for immediate checkout through butler and event manager.
  5. Added a Cookies check with a page on how to turn them on.
  6. Added ability to change field labels via CSS on register today and mobile checkout. This means different events can have different labels, controlled in the display level of the system (fonts/colors) instead of the logic level (programming). Driven by WHS need for alternate use of Address 2 field.

Issues Resolved

  1. Batch processing of checkouts was processing first record, then stopping.
  2. Updated the bids over time to show the correct local time of the event.
  3. The hide bids check box once checked could not be unchecked.
  4. Watching an item and not navigating to a different page would cause multiple instances of a watched item. This would show up when the guest then bid on the item, the item would show up in My Bids however many times the item was watched.
  5. Live items dollar amount not showing up in graph on the In Event Dashboard.
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