ClickBid Release Notes - 4.1.0

April 8, 2015

New Features:
Users now have the ability to rotate and remove item and sponsor images.
Added organization information to the bottom of a request support email.
Changed some verbiage in the bid history (item and bidder) to distinguish between Event Manager and Butler to know which was used to place a bid.
Added the ability to specify FMV for ticket purchases (when some portion of the ticket price is deductible). This is not yet reflected on statements or in the admin.
Removed the ability of the organization to remove items and bidders after a bid has been placed.
PNG’s are now allowed for logos.
Event Sales/export changes:
– Added a column for category.
– Added the receipt time
– First and Last Names have been separated into different columns
Fields have been added to the export that are not displayed on the page, namely:
– Address fields (all separate columns), donor, and starting bid
In Bidder Bid History the winning bids are signified in bold and green.
Added custom sorting and filtering to Pre-Checkout Receipts.
Changed Bidder Status in modify bidders to read only.
Sponsors now available in Countdown Clock.
Full Screen Backgrounds now available in countdown clock.

Bug Fixes:
The details button in the bid app was not available when no description was entered, even though there was a photo or donor info or FMV.
An error was displayed when the event prefix was changed.
When modifying an item the confirmation box said ‘add an item’.
Go Back button was rendered inactive after deleting the last bid on the Manage Items ‘view bids’ page.
Some categories could not be updated in the Manage Categories. This page has been redesigned to make this easier and allows for all categories to be modified.
Bid app, My Stats was showing erroneous figures.
Some admin pages did not redirect to login page after timeout had been reached.
A few issues on the post event dashboard were addressed.
Fixed a time synchronization issue where bids placed at a specified time on the web server were not matched to database cluster.
Improved accuracy of time on the ‘countdown clock’ time displayed from different browsers or different devices should now be within about 1 second of each other.

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