ClickBid Release Notes - 4.1.2

May 5, 2015


  1. You can now append table assignments and company names to existing bidders via XLS file import.

Issues Resolved

  1. Admin image upload needs to accept jpg, png, gif any size.
  2. After running post event report, admin’ redirects to Account Settings.
  3. Post Event Report typo.
  4. Browse in bid application’ does not show the category name being browsed.
  5. Butler Checkout: entering email then tabbing to cc field causes cc digits error.
  6. Ticket purchase details shows invalid phone if characters entered on ticket page.
  7. Organization field info on ticket page not updated in database.
  8. Bid application’ shows “winning bid” with starting bid as winning amount for item with no bids.
  9. Removing bid from quantity’ item does not re-increment quantity remaining.
  10. Ticket sales’ date in purchase grid not reflecting time zone, date in details off by 1 hr (DST).
  11. Full screen background images reporting as’ missing when they are stored.
  12. Company is not loading during import.
  13. Updating existing cc to new cc on check-in not keeping new number.
  14. Ticket page – choose sponsor level then unchoose, shows up on purchase but not charged.
  15. Registration and Check-in bid application’ refreshes too quickly.
  16. Countdown display clock’ calculating from improper event ID.
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