ClickBid 9.3.211123 Release

November 23, 2021


  1. Butler: Increased session time out to 4 hours.
  2. Bidding Site: Allow a browser plug-in screen reader (used by a physically blind bidder) to “see” the bid button and subsequent data.
  3. Merchant Report> Unreconciled Transactions & Reconciled Transactions under the “type” column you will now see “Lost Dispute” and “Dispute Fee” if a charge was disputed by a donor and the lost or conceded the dispute.

Issues Resolved:

  1. EventStream Watched report: will update when a bidder is deleted or archived.
  2. Event Payments > Refunds: When issuing a refund, the submit button will turn to “processing” to show the refund is being submitted (preventing an accidental double click).
  3. Bidding Site: Adding multiple purchases to a quantity item on the bidding site shows the correct amount purchased to that bidder while browsing their items.  The same is true for donation items and the “you’ve given” amount.
  4. Mass Messaging: Editing a Pre-composed Text or Email that was previously saved, the desired send time is being maintained.
  5. Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings: When changing the form name of the ticket page, the landing page settings will update to the new name that was chosen.
  6. Bidder Receipts: When issuing a refund of an item with no FMV, the paid over FMV is once again calculating properly.
  7. Ticket pages: will load on the first attempt.
  8. If a silent item is set to invisible with a closing date in the future, the bidder will not show up under Unpaid Checkouts until the item officially closes via changing the item status to closed or the item’s closing date and time is reached.
  9. Outbid notice links are once again loading the item that the bidder was outbid on.
  10. Merchant Account: Updated verbiage under Bank Account Info to include both of Stripe’s ID numbers.
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