ClickBid 9.3.211105 Release

November 5, 2021


  1. On the Bidding Site, Quantity items:
    1. Now have the comma in amounts over $1,000 for the Auction Preview on the landing page and when logged in.
    2. Can now be added to the “Items You’re Watching” by clicking the heart icon located next to More/Buy.
      The grey heart is unchecked. The yellow heart is checked.
      You can locate your watched items from the Menu>click on the heart:
  2. When printing “Bidder Statements” and “Paid Bidder Statements” there are page breaks between each statement.
  3. Bidding Site > Search now allows searching by single-digit & double-digit numbers.
  4. Bidding Site > Register Now page
    1. The landing page navigation bar was added to the top of the page.
    2. The landing page footer was added to the bottom of the page

Issues Resolved: 

  1. Auction Settings>Payment> “Charge CC at time Quantity bid” is set to Yes and any quantity item is set to yes for taxable, the tax is being charged when the payment is processed.
  2. Receipts Id’s are once again showing for Auction Item Receipts
  3. Software Settings>Account Status: When upgrading to a full license from a FAN account the “Process Changes & Finish” button is once again working.
  4. Bidders>Text/Email bidders: using the filter “All Bidders with No Card On File” is once again sending to all bidders without a card on file.
  5. Bidders>Manage Bidders: When merging 2 bidders, if there are notes in the details section of the second bidder record, those are being merged along with the rest of the bidder data.
  6. Bidders>Text Bidders: if a phone number is removed that originally received the text, the “Sent to” will populate all bidders and show “phone number no longer available” for that bidder.
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