ClickBid 9.3.211022 Release

October 22, 2021


  1. Merchant Report>Reconciled Transactions: “Refunds Total” was added under “For the selected date range” and the list was reordered.
  2. Butler Checkout: Email is no longer required for Bidder Checkout through the Butler.
  3. Recurring donation receipts updated to match all other receipt formats
  4. Recurring Donations will now default to “Yes” with all new signups (not renewals).
    1. Manage Items> The Cash Donation -sample donation item, will be checked to have recurring donations active.
    2. Grid View for Manage items:
    3. Auction Settings > Payments > Use for Bidder Checkout Donations will be set to the sample donation item
    4. Donations/Text-to-Give>Settings>Allow Recurring Donations
  5. Manage Bidders: When merging bidders and the bidder is linked to a CRM record like Salesforce or NeonCRM, that link will be maintained.
  6. Welcome page: “TravelPledge” and “Important Links” boxes were swapped.


Issues Resolved:

  1. Renewal Page: After completing a renewal purchase, another renewal purchase can not be made within 24 hours.
  2. Ticket Page>Manage Guests: the show/hide column is showing all fields regardless of how many guests are being displayed.
  3. Manage Items: Silent items will no longer show the EventStream tag after being changed to silent from Live/EventStream.
  4. Donations/TTG: during the donation process, if adding an email without the first part ( a warning shows if the submit button is clicked a box pops up saying:

    if you ignore the above message and click the Submit button you will see this popup
    When you scroll up to see where the issue is you will see this:
  5. Bidding Site: the submit button for Blind Bidding is functioning again.
  6. Butler checkout: Tax is once again saving properly during checkout
  7. Bidding site: donation item progress bars were updated to include the Text to Give amounts.
  8. Manage Bidders > Import Bidders:
    1. If there is a space after an email address that is being removed before the import.
    2. Duplicate phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed
  9. Welcome page: the renewal date is based on just the date and not the time of sign up.
  10. Import Items spreadsheet: if there is a space after the “Yes” in the taxable column, it is being removed before the import.
  11. Chat Bidders: the chat feed and credentials to use chat are once again showing in all admins. If set to Yes, the chat bubble is once again showing on the bidding site.
  12. Paid Checkouts: a refunding issue was fixed.
  13. Checkout receipts: The correct amount is being calculated for Quantity items with Fair Market Values less than the purchase price.
  14. Event Sales: CSV export is showing the correct payout date if the same bidder has checkouts that span multiple payout dates.

BidKit 2 2.8.211013 Release

Issue Resolved:

  1. Salesforce>Export Sales the selected contact ID is updating correctly.
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