ClickBid 9.3.210902 Release

September 2, 2021

Introducing Recurring Donations!

A Recurring Donation allows a donor to make a monthly, ongoing donation in addition to a one-time gift. This feature makes it easy to receive sustaining, predictable donations to your organization all year long. Recurring donations will be possible both when logged in as a bidder or when making a donation via the landing page link or Text to Give.

Online Donations/Text-To-Give:

  1. Donors will be able to make a one-time or monthly donation by clicking on the donate link from the landing page or texting the admin keyword to 56651. Once the donation has been processed the donor will receive a statement for the monthly donation and the recurring donation. They will have a link in the statement to set up their donor profile to manage their monthly donations.
  2. If you do not wish to allow monthly/ recurring donations, it can be turned off from the Donations/TTG settings . (The default will be no)
  3. A new admin menu option was added under Donations/Text-to-Give called “Recurring Donors”. You will be able to view the donor’s history, the date of their next donation, and have the ability to send the link for them to log in to manage their donor profile page.
  4. The Manage Online Donations page in the admin will show both one-time donations and recurring donations. Recurring donations will have a green “$ recurs” tag .

Donation Items & Adding a recurring donation from the bidding site:

  1. The Item Type section now provides a checkbox to turn on recurring donations for that item on the bidding site.  This allows you to choose which item(s) can receive recurring donations.
  2. Once you have your items set up to allow recurring donations, a bidder on the bidding site will be able to set up a monthly donation when clicking the ‘Donate’ button for an enabled item.


Donors can self-manage their monthly donations:

  1. Bidders/donors will be emailed after check out with a link on how to set up their donor profile page. They will have the ability to update their email, phone, address, add a user name, change credit card, change the date for their recurring donation, pause, or cancel the donation.
  2. When first logged in you see the Menu
  3. Once you click Menu you will see Profile, Manage Recurring Donations, & Log Out
  4. Click Profile and you can update your contact info, Login info, Email Address, Phone Number, and view which cards are on file.
  5. Under Menu click Manage Recurring Donation- this is where the recurring donations show, click on Select Action to Update Details, View History, or make a one-time donation. There is the option to change the date of the next donation, pause, or cancel.  Under view history, you can export a CSV file as well.


Requesting a donation during the checkout process on the bidding site:

  1. If a bidder has not made a donation in the last 30 days, during checkout they will see an “Add a Donation” button.  From here, the donation items that have been set under Auction Settings will be listed. If you have a recurring donation set in your donation item it will also allow them to choose a monthly donation at that time.
  2. If a bidder has made a donation but did not include a monthly option, a “Monthly Giving Options” button will be available at bidder self-checkout to ask them if they would like to make a recurring donation.
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