ClickBid 9.3.210909 Release

September 9, 2021


  1. When running an EventStream Live Auction, the “Next” bid can now be edited on the fly.
  2. Live item types now have a Reserve Amount field under Manage Items>Add Item or Edit Item.
    During an Eventstream Live Auction, “RESERVE NOT MET” will be displayed for any item with a reserve amount set where the reserve has not been reached yet. The Sell button will stay grey until the reserve amount has been met.  To pass on this item, simply select another item from the list of unsold items or click the blue ‘x’ button in the unsold list.

    View from Confidence Display:

    Once the reserve amount has been reached the “RESERVE NOT MET” goes away. View from EventStream:

    View from Confidence Display after the reserve amount has been met:

    For a non-EventStream Live auction item, if a reserve amount is set, when a bid is attempted through the Butler Add a Bid, if the reserve amount is not met this popup is shown:

  3. TravelPledge items sold as Live items now can not be sold through EventStream or Butler Add a Bid for less than the starting bid that is set by TravelPledge. This amount is maintained in the “Reserve Amount” field.
  4. Manage Items: CSV and Excel downloadable reports have a new column V for Reserve Amount.
  5. The EventStream Feature is now available for a full license year (no longer sold per event).
  6. Merchant Account: a new section was added for Cardholder Statement Contact Info: The fields include Support Address (street, city, state, postal code) Support Email, Support Phone, & Support URL. These will be defaulted based on the Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Info and can be edited on the Merchant Account page as needed.


Issues Resolved:

  1. When the “Show Social Media Buttons?” is set to No under the Donations/Text-to-Give settings page those buttons are no longer showing on the online donation confirmation page.
  2. Ticket page Sales Summary: the Sponsorship tickets are showing correctly when there is a $0 sponsorship sold.
  3. Merchant Report: unreconciled transactions are now all showing.
  4. Manage Items: The “Buy Now” price on the grid view and edit item can now be changed back to blank after a price was set.
  5. When sending out Mass Message emails, by using “Send a Single Email” or Precomposed, the reply address will go to the first email listed under Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Info.
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