ClickBid 9.2.210630 Release

June 30, 2021


Mobile Check-in

  1. Mobile Check-in is now available for Organizations to allow their bidders to check in before or at the event.
    Located on the Landing Page Content>Login/Register tab, if ‘Allow Mobile Check-In’ date/time is blank, the feature is turned off.

    When a Mobile Check-in date has been set and it is in the past, when Logging in to the bidding site, the bidder will be asked if they are attending the event.

    Clicking the Thumbs up marks the bidder as checked in (even if they don’t click continue).

    Clicking the Thumbs down marks the bidder as ‘remote’ (even if they don’t click continue).

    Manage Bidders> A Thumbs Up answer marks the bidder with a “checked in” tag (same as butler check in) and a Thumbs down answer marks the bidder with a “remote” tag. If someone previously marked themselves as remote, they can be updated by being checked in via Butler.

    Reports > Checked In Bidders now shows if bidders self-checked-in.


  1. Minimum bid field: If you type a change in this box it will not update the amount until you click outside the box or click the update button. Using the +/- buttons will still update upon clicking.
  2. You can now edit the current bid simply by clicking the ‘edit’ button next to the current bid and entering the new amount in the pop-up box. This will also enter a place holder floor bid for that amount. Helpful if the auctioneer needs to jump several increments or takes many bids quickly.
  3. When “Bid Live” or “Give Live” buttons are shown on the bidding site, they now pulse to draw attention to them.
  4. Current Bid is now more predominant with the next available bid below it to improve visibility to both amounts (same update to Confidence Monitor).

Quantity Items

  1. Quantity items can now be set up with multiple quantity/price combinations, i.e. 1 for $10, 3 for $20, 10 for $50 on the same item.
    1. Mange Items allows for one or more price/quantity combinations to be set up as well as limiting by quantity or dollar amount or neither.
    2. On the bidding site, multiple price/quantity options are presented and the purchase can still be charged immediately based on Auction Settings > Payments.
    3. When adding bids via Butler, the configured price/quantity combinations will be available.
    4. Receipts and Statements will show the Price/Quantity combination that was purchased and will use the provided FMV for single price/quantity items and will calculate the FMV = purchase price for multiple price/quantity items.
    5. Manage Items > ‘has bids’ tag links to the item’s bid history. On this page a new button will download purchases with one row for each single quantity purchased, i.e. if bidder 100 purchased 3 for $20, bidder 100 will be listed 3 times on the sheet (showing 3 for $20 on each line).
    6. In a future release we plan to add the ability to set up multiple merchant accounts so that purchases for a given item or items can be processed and deposited into a separate bank account.

Issues Resolved:

  1. When logged into the bidding site with the Bid Live window open in preview mode, when a new item is selected for bidding, the bidder no longer needs to refresh to see the new item being previewed.
  2. The Public viewing link for the Live Broadcast will now refresh within 30 seconds when switching from Public to Filtered or from Filtered to Public.
  3. If the Video privacy is set to Public then changed to Filtered on Bidders/Tables, the video will close for those who are not in the filtered section. 
  4. Merchant Report now shows correct unreconciled amounts if admin fees are paid by bidders or if only a donation is made from a ticket page.

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