ClickBid 9.1.210615 Release

June 15, 2021


  1. Merchant Account: We added an email field on the page so that a separate email address can be entered for the delivery of Merchant Payout Reports. If no email is entered here, the default will still be the first address in the list on Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Info
  2. When checking out via Butler or Event Central > Event Payments, paying via check now gives the option to record a check number.
    • Screenshot from the Butler
    • Screenshot from a bidder statement showing the check number
  3. Butler/Checkout> this page now shows the Item Location if one is entered on the Manage Items page.

Issues Resolved:

  1. There should once again be only one payout email sent per automatic payout. 
  2. Transactions with refunds are properly being reconciled and no longer creating a duplicate refund transaction. 
  3. Merchant Report > Reconciled Transactions: Issuing a refund after the original transaction was paid out is no longer removing the original transaction from its original payout reconciliation report. 
  4. In the Archives, when looking at a bidder statement that had a refund, the item lines are showing the item and refunded amount.

  5. Merchant Report> The Checkout dates are showing once again on the payout email reports.
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