ClickBid 9.2.210727 Released

July 27, 2021


  1. Ticket orders can now be rearranged on the ticket page by the drag and drop method
    • In this image, the verbiage calling out this feature is highlighted
    • In this image, we are showing the drag and drop of the Comp ticket moving down from position 2.
  2. Manage Items now only shows Start, Raise and Buy Now amounts when appropriate.  For quantity items we are showing the lowest price if there are multiple prices, and if a change to the price on a quantity item is attempted from the grid view (screenshot below) a popup will be displayed saying to change it by opening the item.
  3. Bidder chat was updated with some new features including replying to specific chats, adding emoji reactions to chats, and posting photos to the chat.


Issues Resolved:
  1. Landing Page Content: The Mobile check in date calendar was updated to the same format used in the rest of the system.
    • Firefox and Safari users with older versions were having issues with this calendar.
  2. Event Tickets > Sales Summary: When a refund is issued under View Ticket Sales the Sales Summary page is updating the reporting correctly.
  3. TravelPledge items that are closed from a previous event can no longer be activated during a second chance(second event) auction. The closing date matches the TravelPledge Event date.
    • To use TravelPledge items with the new event, use the Sync button on the admin home page , then add the items from the new active event in TravelPledge.
  4. Software Settings > Data Management: When archiving an event with TravelPledge items, if the sales data for sold items has not been sent to TravelPledge yet, those items will not be included in the archive process.
  5. When browsing the bidding site with an Apple mobile device and attempting to scroll through a long description of a Bid Live item, the focus now stays on the pop-up window .
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