9.1.210608 Release

June 8, 2021


  1. New Auction Item Image Zoom feature. On the Landing page Auction Preview & Bidding site, the zoom capabilities for auction items have been expanded:  
    • Ability to “pinch” zoom on all mobile devices or use +/- buttons
    • Ability to zoom using +/- buttons or with a mouse wheel on desktop/laptop
    • Ability to double-tap or double-click to increase the zoom
    • Ability to tap/click and drag to move around zoomed image
    • Zooms to 4x the size
    • Note: Auctions that have 300+ items may be slower loading the zoomed images.
    • Landing page Preview Image: to zoom, click on the magnifying glass.
    • When the image is zoomed
    • Image is zoomed all the way in

  2. EventStream Confidence Display will show Floor bids (bids added through the Butler) highlighted in blue and those bids placed remotely by bidders on the bidding site will have a plain white background.
    • View from Laptop/Desktop
    • View from Mobile device
  3. Software Settings > Connect to Archives now allows editing of an archive page name.

Issues Resolved:

  1. Live Broadcast: when using the Public Viewer Link (embedded on the ClickBid landing page or elsewhere) the viewer is now monitoring every 30 seconds for the start of the video and will show the play button or start the video based on previous interaction with the page. 
  2. Donation Item type items will no longer display the FMV

  3. Event Central > Leaderboard: when launching the leaderboard or using the share link, if the Looping Filter is set with a category, and Include invisible items is set to No, only Active or Closed items will be visible on the leaderboard. 
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