ClickBid 7.1 - Release Notes

August 28, 2019


  1. ClickBid credit processing will now be available in Canada
  2. Receipts and Statements for Canadian accounts using ClickBid processing will show the merchant account holder as ClickBid Canada Inc and an address in Vancouver.
  3. Throughout the system we have updated state to state/province or listed only one of those correctly based on country. Zip has been changed to postal code, and note that donor thank you letters have been changed from [zip] to [postal].
  4. The signup page will now require at least one alpha character in the keyword.
  5. The RSVP page will no longer show quantity remaining even if the public page is configured to do this (won’t show 9999999 of 150) and will allow a purchase of any quantity (per the drop down) regardless of how many are available (i.e. can sell more than available).

Issues addressed:

  1. If a donation item has a custom background loaded on the item record, the appeal display will now default that image to be used when the item is selected.
  2. The ticket page will not fail a purchase that includes cents (such as a donation) when an admin fee has been added.
  3. A more generic message has been added to the Account Status page to indicate that a purchase or invoicing process has been successful.
  4. The Renew page is now indicating that Mass Messaging is a $0 purchase included with a FAN license.
  5. The Renew page is now requiring an email to be entered before a purchase can be completed.
  6. Mobile self-checkout is no longer adding tax to the admin fee when the last item was taxable.
  7. An issue with tax and refunds was resolved.
  8. Landing page item donation is once again allowing donations to be submitted.
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