ClickBid 7.1 (sep-oct updates)

October 11, 2019


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  1. “Click here to add a logo to your links” was removed from the ‘Text Bidders’ page
  2. The link to the training hub was highlighted.
  3. Reports >> Auction Overview and Dashboard >> Post Event>>Bidder Quick View were both updated to indicate that these sections do not include admin fees collected.
  4. Manage Guests and View Ticket Sales were both updated to only show that a bid number had been assigned instead of showing the actual bidder number.
  5. Butler login page has been updated to bold the Event ID & Passwords labels, add ‘(numeric only)’ after event ID and only allow numbers to be entered in the Event ID field.
  6. On Manage Bidders and Butler edit/add bidder, verbiage and the drop down have been revised to say ‘Require Bidder’s credit card to bid?’ and the default would be ‘yes’ based on the Landing Page Content setting of ‘require credit cards’ set to yes. If the Landing Page Content setting is set to ‘no’, these drop downs will not appear on Manage Bidders or Butler.
  7. Privacy policy language was added to the ticket page and online donation pages.
  8. Privacy policy language was added to numerous places on the bidding site to comply with Canadian privacy law.
  9. The ability to convert a guest to a bidder was removed from the View Ticket Sales page. There are still 3 other ways to convert a guest to a bidder:
    1. Manage Guests,
    2. Bidder lookup in Butler, and
    3. Using the [bdr] link in a mass message to ‘Ticketed Guests No Bidder Number’.
  10. Mass Message pages were updated to indicate that [chk] is no longer being used. If a message goes out that does use this deprecated shortcode, it will be treated as if it were [u].
  11. Updated the button color of the ‘Reset Appeal Total’ button on the rapid fire entry page in Butler.
  12. Added a ‘buy now’ box at the bottom of paper bid sheets that will only show if there is a buy now amount entered for that item.
  13. A ‘sent email’ message was added to the confirmation popup after checking in a bidder using Butler.
  14. “A text message has been sent” was removed after a bidder registers for their account, to avoid confusion and free up space in the display area of the bidding site.
  15. Any typed spaces when entering an email address during self-registration are now stripped out to avoid issues with storage and processing of email addresses.
  16. An info bubble was added for discount price on the Modify Tickets page.
  17. Some highlighting and additional verbiage was added to the Sponsor logo page regarding the ‘renaming’ link.
  18. When adding or editing a bidder in Butler, if you attempt to add a phone number that is in use on another bidder, we now pop up a message to indicate this and allow the number to be transferred to the current bidder. You can also cancel and the number will not be transferred.
  19. Welcome emails were revised to be more current with references to the training hub, etc.
  20. A CSS modification was added to give the ability to differentiate the RSVP page from the Ticket page
  21. When logging in to the bidding site, the ‘you are ’ page was updated to replace the ‘Start Bidding’ button with ‘Continue’.
  22. When logged in on the bidding site, an invisible placeholder was put in the code. This will allow the background image from the landing page to be inserted above the rest of the page using custom css.
  23. The admin fee% calculator has been removed from the Auction Settings >> Payments page.

Issues Addressed

  1. When logged in to the bidding site, using the menu buttons for thumbs up (winning) and thumbs down (losing), open items are once again being displayed along with closed items or purchases/donations.
  2. On the Appeal Display setup page, when ‘Rapid Fire’ is selected as the item to display, ‘Show Donor Names’ no longer appears as an option.
  3. Donor thank you letters will now use [item_name] and [fmv] from the donor record, not the item record.
  4. When registering as a new bidder on the bidding site using an iOS device, the form will once again show the phone and email that were entered if the credit card is rejected and needs to be entered again.
  5. The signup page was updated to correct an issue for V/MC purchases for Canadian accounts.
  6. Cents were added to underwriting amounts on the ticket page for consistency across ticket types.
  7. The renewal of an account with a ticket page is once again providing the ‘Manage Ticket Pages’ menu option to select the existing form or create a new one.
  8. Manage Items once again allows you to ‘quick edit’ the buy now value by clicking the field on the ‘table view’ portion of the page.
  9. The Auction Overview report now shows the ticket sales total incorporating discounts, aligning the totals on the ticket page Sales Summary and this report.
  10. When editing a bidder in Butler using chrome on Windows 10, the ‘update credit card’ button is once again properly placed on the page.
  11. When using ‘register now’, if the form was completed but there was an error with the credit card, it was possible for welcome texts to be sent to other bidders.
  12. The leaderboard silent auction total now includes the high bids of items that are open as well as the winning bids of items closed.
  13. Images should now be centered on iphone 5.
  14. 3rd party processor ‘register now’ when launched from ‘text to register’ is once again working as expected.
  15. A change was made to ensure that a welcome text would not be sent unless the phone number is tied to a bidder for the same account.
  16. When credit processor is changed from a 3rd party processor to ClickBid processing, cards that were on file with the 3rd party processor no longer appear on file and bidders logging in to bid will be required to enter a card (if the require credit card setting is on) to be vaulted with ClickBid processing.
  17. The setting for showing FMV on the auction preview is working once again.
  18. When checking out from the bidding site, you can no longer enter a phone number that is a duplicate of another in that event.
  19. In a Fund a Need only licensed event, attempting to import blind items will simply drop them from the import, similar to silent items.
  20. Language was added to the import items template indicating that Silent and Blind items types are not allowed for Fund a Need only events.
  21. A ‘credit card data has been updated’ is no longer displayed on certain pages after adding a bidder.
  22. The ‘copy’ button on Manage Bidders no longer adds a number to each column name.
  23. On the Countdown Clock configuration page, we no longer provide ‘my custom background’ as an option if a custom background has not been uploaded to the system.
  24. The number of sponsor logos that could be imported is no longer being inadvertently limited.
  25. A double click/tap of the submit button when registering yourself as a bidder will no longer create 2 bidder records.
  26. When entering a custom donation amount on a donation item in Butler, it is no longer possible to enter a negative sign or just a zero.
  27. We are once again correctly calculating tax if the same bidder has 2 bids on a taxable live item.
  28. Ticket pages are all once again loading properly after an image issue was addressed.
  29. The sponsor logos page is once again loading for all accounts.
  30. The ticket page Sales Summary has been updated to account for refunds.
  31. The ‘Download Ticket Sales’ link on View Ticket Sales was updated to modify a given purchase that has a refund rather than adding an additional row for the refund.
  32. The quantity available of a given ticket type is once again being calculated correctly.
  33. Landing Page Content now allows the ‘Ticket Page Menu Title’ to be blank and ‘Buy Tickets’ will be the default value.
  34. When signing up for a Fund a Need account, a ‘blind’ item type sample item is no longer included in the account.
  35. Admin menu navigation was corrected for mobile devices
  36. You can once again log in on the bidding site if the login block is placed below a section on the page that has an item donation form.
  37. Butler checkout will no longer allow checkout to proceed with only the admin fee selected. The admin fee will be automatically de-selected if all other checkout line-item checkboxes are unchecked.
  38. The Donations Settings page will now show the correct ‘855’ phone number to use for text to give for events in Canada.  It continues to show 56651 for events in the US.
  39. A ticket sale archiving issue was addressed that once again allows ticket sales to be viewed in the archives.
  40. If no credit processor is selected for the account, then credit card payment cannot be selected as a payment type on the ticket page.
  41. Ticket sales archive issues were addressed to allow archived ticket sales to once again be viewed.
  42. On View Ticket Sales, in some rare instances, the ‘resend guest link’ (chain link icon) was not visible or cut off from being displayed.
  43. The Readiness Dashboard was always showing ‘Yes’ for Register to Bid, regardless of its yes/no setting.
  44. The 800 number on the invoice email was updated to a current phone number.
  45. An issue with the display of the admin menu was corrected.
  46. Manage Items link to a best practice for choosing item types was updated.
  47. Purchase receipts were updated to show ‘Event Included with Annual License’ for 2nd/3rd/4th events.
  48. Manage Bidders will no longer accept just a space as a phone number.
  49. The buy swipers page is no longer showing messages that don’t apply.
  50. It is no longer possible to duplicate items in a demo account to achieve more than 10 items.
  51. Bidding on blind items will only show them under ‘My items’ and not ‘Items I’m winning’ or ‘Items I’m losing’.
  52. If an incorrect bid amount is submitted for a blind bid, the message verbiage now matched the buttons on screen.
  53. The account status is once again displaying the correct amount that would be required to upgrade from a FAN to full license.
  54. The landing page item donation form is now updating all entered info to the item donor record (some fields were not being populated).
  55. When editing an item on Manage Items, if you remove the item number and leave it blank, it will now assign the next available number.
  56. On the ticket page, when purchasing the last available tickets, if there is a credit card failure, the page is now properly showing the tickets as still available for the purchaser and any guest selected to keep the card on file is still selected.
  57. Setting up ClickBid processing for Canada, it is now possible to select ClickBid as the processor without also specifying the bank information.
  58. If you attempted a refund from the Event Payments page and the refund could not be processed, the error message is once again showing up.
  59. Editing a donation item, if you click to add a denomination and then click to delete that denomination without adding any values, the denomination is once again being deleted (instead of an error).
  60. A typo in the list of states on the ticket page was corrected.
  61. Code cleanup relating to meal choice was done for Manage Guests, View Ticket Sales and updating guests.

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