ClickBid Release Notes 4.1.3

June 17, 2015


  1. Full Moneris Canadian Payment Processing Integration.
  2. When a receipt is voided an email is sent to the admin(s) listed. An email is also sent to ClickBid accountant’ if ClickBid is the merchant on file.
  3. Item details can now be viewed from’ the My Bids page.
  4. An image icon was added to the Manage Items page for a quick reference that an image is indeed loaded.
  5. On the Event Payments page a column was added to the Processed table to show a checkout method.
  6. If an item was purchased with the Buy Now option the message that shows in My Bids was modified to reflect that purchase.
  7. Added several options to the batch update for bidders, including: Receive Text Message, Company Name, International Phone Number, Require Password, Password, Table Name.
  8. Added the Table Name and the Amount Paid to the bidders lookup page.
  9. Added reset password to the login page. This option is only available from the password page so if the organization is not requiring password the user will never see this. If they do require password then the user will have an option to reset the password which will be identified by the email entered and the new temporary password will be emailed to the email provided.
  10. Rebuilt’ the Ticket Page Config. This page now resembles the Manage Bidders and Manage Items pages for easier editing.
  11. Changed the phone input type to automatically bring up the number keypad on phones on the Register Today page.
  12. Increased the email subject from 50 characters to 78 which is industry standard for email subjects.
  13. Increased the number of Bidders and Items that can be automatically assigned. It is now 9,899.
  14. Modified invalid password notification so guests can have clearer feedback.

Bug Fixes

  1. Login credentials were causing erroneous logins for client accounts. Fixed intermittent login issues.
  2. When adding a bid from the Event Manager if an appeal was added and a comma was included, the system truncated after the comma. Fixed this to remove any characters from this field before attempting to add to the database.
  3. Fixed an error where was getting a line item total inconsistent’ from the actual total. Fixed this so that the correct amount was consistently’ sent.
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