ClickBid 11.2.230925 Release

September 25, 2023


  1. Admin: AuctionGPT AI tool was added to help assist with creating content throughout the admin.
    Screenshot 2023-09-22 120218
    1. This was added to the content area of the following pages:
      • Auction Settings
        • Bidder Settings
        • Butler Settings
        • Custom Content
      • Landing Page Content
        • Sections A - D
      • Bidders
        • Email Bidders
        • Text Bidders
      • Items
        • Manage items: Description
        • Manage items: Exceptions
        • Thank you Letters
      • Event Tickets:
        • Modify tickets - Ticket Details
          • Individual Ticket
          • Sponsor level
          • Underwriting
      • Donations/Text-To-Give
        • Settings: Donation Description
    2. For more information here is the best practice:
      Highlight Video:


  2. Event Payments> Unpaid Checkouts: Added a check box to allow organizations the option to not charge the processing fee during batch checkouts of credit card payments.
    1. If 'Allow Guests to Optout of Admin Fees?' under 'Auction Settings' is set to 'yes', then a check box will be displayed under Unpaid Checkouts to allow the Organization to not charge the fees when batch processing credit cards.
      image (58)
    2. If 'Allow Guest to Optout of Admin Fees?' under 'Auction Settings' is set to 'No', verbiage and a info bubble is added on Event Payments: 'Admin Fees will be charged'
      image (59)
    3. Info bubble:
      image (60)
    4. If 'Batch Process As:' is set to check/cash, then the check box will not appear. 
      image (61)
  3. Events>Add Event: When creating a new event, the ability to set 'Open Auction Early?' to Yes or No was added.
    1. The default will be 'Yes' (same behavior as prior to this change). It can be changed No during the creation of the new event.
    2. This also impacts the Landing Page Content>Login/Register Area. If it is set to No when creating the new event, the login/register area will indicate No. 
      image (62)

  4. Butler>Bidders:
    1. Made the 'complete' button more visible and can be clicked even if a message is displayed in the area of the 'complete' button (do not have to click the X to acknowledge the message first).
    2. Header section including the 'Complete' button remains visible at the top of the page.  'Complete' can be clicked without scrolling back to the top. 
      image (63)

  5. Butler>Eventstream: Allowing the starting bid under "Next" to be an editable input field until the first bid has been placed. 
    1. Starting bid, "Next", is editable before clicking 'Start'
      butler before start button
    2. Starting bid, "Next", is also editable after clicking 'Start' 
      started but no bids yet
    3. Once a bid has been placed, the "Next" bid box will be grey and no longer editable. 
      once a bid is placed can no longer change next bid. png

Issues Resolved:

  1. Bidders>Text Bidders: When sending a single text the correct message is showing to notify the sender the text was sent. 
  2. Butler Checkout: checkout of an item that includes both tax and an administrative fee is once again functioning accurately.
  3. Event Tickets>Ticket Page Settings: Upload header image is displaying without reloading the page. 
  4. Reports> Post Event Report: updated the graphs used on the report.
  5. Event Tickets>Ticket page settings: Fixed image scaling when adding an image to the background. 
  6. User Profile page: when clicking the menu tab it is once again accessible and the features listed under menu are clickable.
  7. Event>Welcome page: When a new user has 'Organization Admin' role and that user clicks the 'activate now' button from the event welcome page, the organization account page is loaded as expected.
  8. Reports>Paid Bidder Statements: Page is loading properly when there are 300+ statements. 


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