ClickBid 11.2.230911 Release

September 11, 2023


  1. Items>Donation Item: Appeal Display two new themes were added under the "Projected Display Settings" 
    1. Custom Image Thermometer under 'Animation Theme'.
      1. This new display allows you to add a Custom Thermometer Image. The image will display as black and white before any donations are made. Then as the donations are placed the image will start to change to the image's original full color.


      2. All of the standard display settings are available with this animation theme. A separate image upload section was added for uploading the custom 'thermometer' image. image-png-Sep-08-2023-07-17-22-7078-PM

    2. Competitive Totals By Bidder Tag under 'Animation Theme'
      1. This display groups your bidders by a custom bidder tag that you have created and ranks them in a bar chart.
      2. Shows the top 8 bidder tags by dollar amount. If only 1 tag has a donation only that 1 tag will be displayed.
      3. Can add the landing page QR code and a title. 
      4. Can choose the bar color.
        bidder tags

        Screenshot 2023-09-08 160427

        *Note: only *1* custom tag per bidder can be used with this release. If there are multiple custom tags associated with a bidder, those custom tags will also show on the bar chart and will show inaccurate totals. (System tags *are excluded from the display*: logged in, checked in, has bids, prt stmt, has cc, email stmt)

        For more information on these new displays click here for a 3 minute video.

  2. Manage Items: Quantity item types
      1. added verbiage:  "When there are multiple quantity/purchase price options, the FMV will be equal to purchase price that the purchaser selected."
        image (57)

      2. When multiple quantity/purchase price options are set for an item, the FMV will not be displayed on the grid view. 
        qty item 2

  3. Butler 
    1. Bidder Lookup "Check Bidder In?" button: added the bidder number to the message displayed after being checked in
      image (56) 
    2. Edit Bidder/Check-in: once clicking the 'Complete' button, the bidder number was added to the message displayed on the 'Bidder Lookup' page.
      bidder lookup 2
    3. Edit Bidder/Check-in: If no phone number is added for the bidder, when clicking 'Complete', the message has been updated to: 'Add a phone number to send a welcome text or toggle "Send Welcome Text?" off.'
      Screenshot 2023-09-11 083848

Issues Resolved:

  1. Bidder Numbers: Starting Bidder Number will now allow up to 9 digits.
    1. Auction Settings>Bidder Settings>Starting Bidder Number
    2. Butler> Add bidder/edit bidder
    3. Manage Bidders> Add bidder/edit bidder
    4. Manage Bidders> Import bidder spreadsheet
      • The exception is 474747 and 585858 as we use those bidder #s as placeholders for Appeal and Eventstream.
      • Bidder numbers are limited to 9 digits so they do not interfere with phone numbers. 
  2. Butler
    1. When adding/editing a bidder and credit card is required (Auction Settings>Bidder Settings), the toggle for 'Require Bidders' Credit card to bid' is being displayed. 
    2. When adding a new bidder, the 'accept texts' toggle is remaining on which allows the welcome text to be sent. 
    3. When adding/editing a bidder in a Canadian event, the credit card will now save without an error.
    4. Bidder Lookup: using the 'Check Bidder in' button if there is no phone on file and the 'Check in without phone' button is selected, the bidder is being checked in. 
    5. Checking out with multiple purchases for 1 quantity item now displays each purchase as a separate row on the receipts. 
    6. Checkout: When processing payment for a donor, the 'checked in' bidder status is not reverting back to 'Check Bidder in?"
  3. Organization > events:
    1. When adding a new event and copying items from a previous event with a high number of items, it will no longer time out and all items will copy.
    2. Fixed an issue with our background process that clears out old demo account data.
  4. Bidders>Email Bidders: When saving a precomposed email, the email can be edited without a page refresh.
  5. Landing Page Content: Section titles are allowing special characters to be displayed. 
  6. Event Tickets>Modify tickets: Allow commas in individual ticket names so the 'download ticket sales' report on view ticket sales page is not adding a column after the comma. 

Enhancement: BidKit 9.2.230911 Release

  1. API updates required for the new appeal displays



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