ClickBid 10.2.220518 Release

May 20, 2022


  1. Mass Messaging: Updated verbiage under Compose A Text, Compose An Email & Pre-Composed Text/Emails.
    1. Changed ‘Desired Send Time’ to ‘Planned Manual Send Time’
    2. Added ‘An Admin user must click Send for a message to be sent.
      Compose Text & Email
    3. Info bubble under ‘Compose A Text’/ ‘Compose An Email’: updated to “An Admin user must click Send for a message to be sent.”
      Info Bubble Popup
    4. Recurring Donation Email to the donor: Updated verbiage for ‘no credit card on file’ and a ‘failed charge’.
      • No Card on File Email:
        no card email
      • Failed Charge email:

Issues Resolved:

  1. Merchant Report CSV changed the column F header ‘Admin Fees’ to ‘Stripe Fees’
    Merchant Report CSV column F
  2. Recurring Donation > batch processed email: the header line of the email is showing correctly now when viewing on a smaller screen.
  3. Butler/Batch Checkout: If a bidder selects to give a Recurring Donation through the bidding site but checks out via check or cash from the butler or batch process, the donation is being created and an email is being sent to the donor. If the donor does not have a card on file and does not set up their donor profile at that time, another email will be sent when the recurring donation is due letting them know they need to add a credit card and set up their donor management account.
  4. Bidder Statements and receipts are showing the correct Amount Over FMV when a credit item is used.

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