ClickBid 10.2.220504 Release

May 5, 2022


  1. User Permissions added a ‘Resend Email’ Button in case the user didn’t receive their access setup email the first time.
    email button
  2. Reports>Bidder Statements added Item Location for the item table name (which is set on manage items under ‘Description & Extras). 
    Bidder Statement
  3. Outgoing text messages:  If they have the word CBD or Cannabis in the text, they will show as C** or Cann****. This is done automatically – no user interaction is needed.

Issues Resolved:

  1. View Ticket Sales reports- If a custom question has a comma in the question or drop down answer, it is no longer being split into separate columns of the reports.
  2. Ticket purchase- once a ticket has been purchased, if the purchaser uses the back button to go back to the Ticket Page, the ticket page will be reset (no purchaser data, no ticket selections made) to help prevent a duplicate ticket purchase.
  3. Reports > Paid Bidder Statements: if a bidder has been refunded and then deleted, the Paid Bidder statements will show the name as “bidder deleted”.
  4. Merchant Report> Reconciled Transactions: the two date fields no longer allow manual entries. The calendar tool provided will need to be used. 

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