8.4.210114 Released

January 19, 2021


  1. Updated and added new filters to Mass Messaging. Bidders>Text/Email Bidders.
    1. Filter: Bidders Not Checked Out is now: Bidders Not Checked Out (Silent, Quantity, Raffle, Live, Donation) to clarify that these messages are sent to anyone who still needs to check out regardless of the item type. 
    2. Filter: Purchasers, Donors, Winning Bidders was changed to Quantity Item/Raffle Purchasers, Donors, Winning Bidders to clarify that bidders who purchased a quantity item or raffle ticket will receive this message. 
    3. Filter: Non-winning Silent Auction Bidders This filter is now only going to those who did not win *any* Silent or Blind auction item.
    4. New Filter: Silent and Live Winning Bidders This filter will go to anyone who won a Silent or Live Item (including live items sold via EventStream).
    5. New Filter:  Bidders Who Have Logged In Bidders are marked logged in when they have entered the auction site for the first time either by registering to bid, logging in through the landing page, or clicking on the personal bidding link.
    6. New Filter:  Bidders Who Have Not Logged In This filter will go to any bidder who has not yet logged in using one of the methods in the previous description. These bidders will not have a “logged in” tag in the tags column on Bidders>Manage Bidders.
  2. Item Donors listed under Items>Manage Donors can now be located in the Archives. On Software Settings>Connect to Archives>Switch Archives there is now a hand icon for Item Donors (if donors were included in that archive). In the Archive menu on the left there is also an Item Donors option to click to load the page.
  3. Merchant Report> Reconciled Transactions we are now showing a date range for your report. The gross total, Net total, and credit card processing fees are also being shown for the same date range. The default range is the past 60 days.
  4. BidKit 2 > TravelPledge: Added a “Re-Sync” button to the items on the TravelPledge > Auction Items page. These buttons allow users to pull item details from TravelPledge on a per-item basis rather than a full batch.


  1. Software Settings > Data Management When archiving and not keeping items/images, all images are once again being removed.
  2. Logged in to the Bidding Site, if you type a word in the search bar, the matching items are no longer duplicated. 
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