8.4.1216 Released

December 17, 2020


  1. Items > Manage Categories has been renamed to Categories and Ordering.  At the top of this page there is now a drop down menu to choose between ordering items on the bidding site either “By Category First, Then Item Number” or “By Item Number”. If you choose item number, then category order is ignored and items are displayed numerically.  Whichever order is chosen, this is the order the items will appear both on the preview and when logged in as a bidder.
  2. Items > Manage Items when editing an individual item, the ‘Categories’ button has been updated to ‘Categories and Ordering’ and allows the same ability to alter the sort order as when launching the Categories and Ordering page.
  3. Software Settings > Auction Settings > Butler Settings – wording has been made more clear as to when a welcome text message is sent.
  4. Reports > EventStream Watched – times are now shown in the account’s time zone instead of UTC.

Issues addressed

  1. For accounts adding a credit card admin fee, certain purchase amounts were being rounded incorrectly such that the receipt and the charge were off by 1 cent.  This has been corrected.
  2. Event Central > Event Payments – when refunding an auction purchase, if only a tax amount is refunded, we are now making the proper data updates to show that the amount has been refunded on this page and on receipts and statements.
  3. Reports > Refunds – the auction refunds portion of this page is now reflecting refunds of just tax amounts.

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