8.4.210127 Released

January 28, 2021


  1. Software Settings>Landing Page Content>Sections A-D>Content Area: When adding images (including logos) to the Content area via the insert image icon, the images will now default to inline styling instead of block style. This means the system will attempt to put the images side by side instead of stacked on top of each other. Page width is set to 1012 px but the amount of images that can be displayed side by side will depend on device screen size.
  2. Ticket Page>Contact Area under Postal Code verbiage was added to say: “For International Users with no postal code enter 00000.” This is also under the Payment Billing Postal Code when they enter their credit card.
  3. Ticket Page>Contact Area> Country Field was added. This created a list of all countries.  (Default is set to the United States) When someone from a country who does not have a Postal Code clicks on their Country, the 00000 will also auto-populate for them in the Postal Code under Contact and Payment.   
  4. Merchant Account>When a group us using the same BidKit Payment Processing account for another admin, the bank account info will be auto-populated based on what has already been entered previously.

Issues addressed:

  1.  Dashboard>Readiness>Bidder Info: Require Card is showing the correct response of No if there is not a payment method selected under Software  Settings>Auction Settings>Payment.  
  2.  Reports>Consignment report is now correctly reporting the auction sales and net sales for Live Item types that allow live bids through the EventStream. 
  3. On the Bidding Site when a bidder is logged in and clicks the back button, they get redirected to a Confirm Form Resubmission page. If they agree, they are directed to the ‘Welcome’ page to confirm their name. If they instead click on the link at the top of the browsing page and click the enter button this will log them out and take them to the landing page where they will need to log in again. 
  4.   When checking out from the Butler (unpaid checkouts) with cash/check/or credit card and no email address is on file a popup box now says: An email is required for checkout. Please add an email before continuing.   

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