8.4.1207 Released

December 7, 2020


  1. Landing Page Content > Page Settings: it is now possible to customize the title of ‘Auction Preview’ using a text box next to the box where you indicate where it should appear on the landing page.
  2. BidKit Payments Merchant Report – this page is now using our newly populated data table that will permanently store payout records.  This means that this report will always have all the transactions that were paid out on a given date, regardless of any archiving that is done.  Historical data has already been brought in, so this page should now be completely accurate for every BidKit Payments account.
  3. BidKit Payments Merchant Account – we have removed the ‘Account email’ from being displayed on this page. It was not possible for the admin user to update it and it has no useful purpose (no email was being sent to that address). There is no need to change it over time if the person is no longer with the organization.
  4. On the bidding site, if a silent item is closed, we now show “This item is closed for bidding.” Instead of “There were no bids.”
  5. For EventStream licensed accounts, there is now a report: Reports > EventStream Watched.  This lists all bidders who watched a stream, showing the first time they started watching and the last time they were recorded watching.  It does not guarantee that the bidder was actually watching their screen the whole time. It also does not list anyone who watched without being logged in as a bidder.

Issues addressed:

  1. Software Settings > Account Settings: if more than one email is added at a time (in separate boxes), there is no longer unintended duplication of any email address entered.
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