8.3.1125 Released

October 9, 2020

Feature Updates 10/09/2020 – 11/25/2020

  1. In the Archives admin (Software Settings > Connect to Archives), on the Donations page, you can now generate a receipt (assuming the data is available). The icon is the same as we use for Bidder and Ticket Purchase receipts in the archives.
  2. On Donations/Text to Give > Settings, you can now specify a date range for donations to be included in various reports in the admin. You can specify a start date and no end date, an end date and no start date, both dates or neither date. The page will ensure that your date range start date is not after your end date and vice versa. The default for each account right now is to include all dates (no start or end date specified).
  3. Reports > Post Event Report will now include Text to Give/Online Donations (TTG/OD). The total will be added to the ‘Quick Stats’ total for the event, a single line item “Text to Give/Online Donations” will appear in the ‘Live/Donation/Multi-Sale’ section, and there will be a line item for every donation in the ‘Complete Sales Data’ section, labeled the same way. All of these will be filtered based on the date range specified on the TTG/OD Settings page.
  4. Reports > Auction Overview will now include TTG/OD amounts in the ‘Donations’ total. However, any goal set on the TTG/OD settings page will not be included in the ‘Percent of Donation Goal Raised’. Again, the TTG/OD to be included will be filtered on the date range specified on the TTG/OD settings page.
  5. Reports > Non Silent Items will now include a line item for TTG/OD, filtered by the date range specified on the TTG/OD settings page.
  6. Dashboard > In Event will now include TTG/OD in the ‘Donations’ total and will also show only the donation amount (no cc fees added) in the TTG section.
  7. When accessing the admin page from a mobile device, the home button is now visible on the page.
    1. When an account is in demo status or payment pending, the chat (communicate with customer service) is no longer available.
  8. When logged in to the admin using a partner login, the ‘Add Features’ page is now available on the Admin menu in a reduced capacity. The start date, closing date, on call date and days to renew fields are editable and the sales code is visible.
  9. During BidKit Payments transactions, we will no longer cancel a transaction if the “network” approves it (meaning the card issuing bank), regardless of whether the postal code check fails or not.
  10. When archiving ticket sales, the archive name you specify on the View Ticket Sales page while you are archiving is now preserved when you look up your transactions on the archive page.
  11. EventStream Live broadcast settings now allow you to filter the broadcast audience by “Public”, “Filter by Bidders” and “Filter by Tables”. With Filter by Bidders, you specify the exact bidder numbers you want to be able to access the stream. With Filter by Tables, you specify the table names that bidders are assigned, and only bidders at those tables will be able to view the stream when logged in. This change eliminates the ‘Dry Run’ designation which is replaced by “Filter by Bidders”. Any account that was set to Dry Run now shows set to Filter by Bidders. Note that the Filters do not prevent anyone from watching if the feed is embedded in the landing page – the filters only work when used by logged in bidders.
  12. A change was made to the Welcome page for BidKit Payments accounts when they need to make changes to their account. It now references the new ‘generate link’ button.
  13. When logged in to the bidding site, the bidder chat icon has been changed to “Chat” and button performance improved in certain situations.
  14. All ‘froala’ editor boxes are now blocking the pasting or dropping of images directly into the edit box. There is no message if they attempt this, it just won’t allow the user to paste or drop an image into the edit box. They will have to use the image upload icon in the toolbar to add images (the photo icon, with the sun and mountains).
  15. On the Donations/Text-to-Give > Settings page, in the Donation Description edit box, we now have an “Insert Video” icon in the toolbar. This will allow you to paste in a link to a video (such as a youtube or vimeo link). It will appear large in the edit box, but it will align with the width of the rest of the elements on the page when displayed.
  16. If logged in to the admin for one account, and the online donation page for another account is launched in a separate browser tab, going back to the admin tab and attempting to navigate will now result in being logged out of the admin.
  17. Made a change to the way the code handles image uploads for landing page content sections (A/B/C/D).
  18. When an account is in payment pending status, there is now a button on the Welcome page indicating this and linking to the Account Status page.
  19. Updates were made to the verbiage of the signup emails including changing “Event Prefix” to “Event Keyword” and other changes.
  20. When a live biddable item that was paid has been refunded, you can now change the winning bidder and/or reopen the item from the Butler Manage Your EventStream page.
  21. Welcome emails now have a subject line of “Thank you for registering!”. This includes sending the email from Manage Bidders, Butler, Registering on the bidding site, and signing up for a new admin account.
  22. For ClickBid Processing clients, the credit card section on the online donation page now shows ‘Postal Code’ instead of ‘Zipcode’.
  23. When a BidKit Payments payout is made and the email is sent to the first admin address, this email now states if a transaction is not in the active database (this would typically mean that the transaction has been archived before payout was made). The payout is still being made for the archived transaction, but that transaction is not visible on the Merchant report page.
  24. When a BidKit Payments payout is paid, we are now sending an email confirmation of the payout. The email is the same format as the email that goes out when a ClickBid payments payout is requested, showing the transactions with the names, amounts, dates and order IDs. For our clients who receive their automated payout on Wednesdays (should be most everyone), their email will be triggered to go out Tuesday evenings, when Stripe has received confirmation that the payout was successful.
  25. The verbiage was changed on the Auction Refund page in the ‘Tax to Refund’ column when we display the admin fees as a line item to be refunded. It now shows “N/A” like the other line items instead of “Not Refundable”
  26. When setting up a new BidKit Payments account:
    1. if the client previously used Braintree and had a bank account stored in the system, we now automatically update Stripe with this bank account information. If it doesn’t work for any reason, we remove the account number and routing number so they can be entered on the Merchant Account page as a first time entry by the admin user.
    2. We now launch the onboarding window in a separate tab when it was launched by clicking the ‘Merchant Registration’ button on Auction Settings.
  27. The same ‘welcome email’ changes that we made yesterday when someone self-registers were made today when:
    1. A signup takes place and we send the ‘bidder 90’ email
    2. A welcome email is sent from Manage Bidders
    3. A welcome email is sent from Butler check-in (the checkbox at the top to send a welcome email).
  28. For an account that has the bidding site login disabled, after registering, the new bidder is directed back to the landing page with a new message: “Thank you, <first> <last>, for registering to participate on our site.”
  29. When a user self-registers for a bidder account, the welcome email has been updated.
    1. If there is no custom message, the default message is now: “Thank you for signing up for our event. For your convenience we have included your personal access link below. Thank you again for using our system!”
    2. If a silent or live item exists in the system, we will also indicate their bidder number: “Your bidder number is: 107”
    3. Their link is now described as: “Your personal access link (do not share): https://cbodev.bid/bopdDu
  30. For EventStream events, we are now showing ‘Text-to-give’ donations when showing other donations coming in. This is true on both the ‘Manage EventStream’ and ‘Confidence Display’ pages. On the ‘Manage EventStream’ page we are also not allowing donation bids to be removed if they have been paid. 
  31. On Manage Items, for a donation item, in the Display settings section, you can now choose “Show Totals on Bid Site?” and this will show or not show the progress bar (if you have provided a goal) or the total donations based on your Yes/No setting.
    1. These three items show the 3 configurations – first with show totals yes and a goal set, second with show totals yes and no goal, third with show totals set to No.
  32. The bidding site fields where credit cards can be entered have been revised to specifically identify the need for a “Billing Postal Code” to be entered and also this field will only accept at least 5 characters.
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