6 Ways to Create a Quality Event Landing Page

August 8, 2022

Looking for ways to better engage your donors? Having a quality event landing page is one of the key ways to keeping your donors engaged in your event while helping your organization raise funds for your cause. 

Creating a quality event landing page provides you with the opportunity to send a single interactive page to all your participants, donors, and ticket or sponsorship purchasers to familiarize them with the event you are planning and how they can participate. You can customize this page to coincide with your organization’s branding and/or colors which helps your bidder feel like your virtual venue is already familiar to them. 


So, where should you start? Keep reading to learn the 6 things you can do to create a quality ClickBid landing page for your next virtual event. 

  1. Add Clear Event Details 

The first thing your donors will want to know about your event is your event details. Your event details should be presented at the top of your page or somewhere easily viewable. Clearly state your event information including start and end dates, times, and any additional information. You can also add information on how to attend your event by either purchasing a ticket, using an active link, or by self-registering. 


Remember to be minimalistic on the information you share as well. Too many words can deter your audience from reading your information. We recommend using short and sweet language to engage your audience. 


You can also embed a countdown timer on your page! Adding this feature is a great way to create excitement about your event. Click here to embed a countdown timer on your landing page. 


  1. Highlight Your Organization

Highlighting your organization on your event landing page helps to inform your audience about what your organization is passionate about and why you’re holding the event. Doing this will also encourage others to join in and support your cause who are less familiar with your charity. Be sure to take some time to highlight your charity and give your audience key information about the product or services your organization provides. You can also narrow your audience’s focus by providing an easy-to-read overview of your organization while also being inspirational about your mission. 


  1. Acknowledge Event Sponsors 

Your event sponsors are vital to your event by providing the funding or majority of the funding to make your event happen. Make sure to delegate space on your landing page to acknowledge and thank your sponsors for their contributions to your event. Refrain from adding amounts that the sponsor have donated. Instead, delegate a sponsorship name to display. You could also consider adding your sponsor’s logo with a message thanking them for their dedication to your organization. Within this section, you can also provide a link on how someone can become a sponsor for your organization if this is still available. The contributions of your sponsors are essential to continuing your important work. 


Click Here to learn more about adding Sponsor Images to ClickBid. 


  1. Add an Item Donation Form 

Next, it’s time to incorporate an item donation form into your outreach efforts. Doing this will allow you to increase fundraising and the donations of silent auction items. ClickBid has an item donation form you can embed right into your landing page to start accepting item donations! The donor can give you photos and additional information about the item they are donating. Once you have reached your item limit or are no longer accepting item donations, you can remove this form. Having your donors submit their items through this form allows their items to be entered into ClickBid and be easily reviewed for approval by your organization.


Click here to view more information on the ClickBid Item Donation form


  1. Add a Cash Donation Option and Highlight An Appeal Display 

Delegate a section of your landing page to your Fund A Need or Cash Donations. It is important to communicate where your donor’s funds are going and what they are servicing towards. Clearly display how your donor’s contributions benefit your organization. Also, displaying a donation option for your audience to give to is a very easy way to receive some extra fundraising dollars. Simply use ClickBid’s Text to Give platform to accept cash donations toward your charity’s goal. By using ClickBid’s appeal display feature, you can highlight and thank your donors and also show your total raised in comparison to a set goal.


Click Here on how to add a donate button to your landing page

Click Here on how to set up and embed your appeal display on your landing page. 


  1. Showcase Your Auction Preview

Now it’s time to delegate a section to a preview of your auction items. Showing a preview of your upcoming items allows your attendees to gain excitement and get enthusiastic about items they are interested in. You can choose to highlight both silent and live auction items, as well as any raffle tickets or other items you will have. You can also delegate categories to your items to allow for easy sorting. Featuring your auction items allows your participants to get excited about your event and lets them find items to add to their wish list. Also, ensure that you are adding quality images to all of your auction items. Adding quality images allows your attendees to view all the details of your item and learn more. You can add up to 10 images per item.


Click here to view how to add your auction preview to your landing page. 

Tips Before You Go Live 

Ready to publish your event landing page? Before you do, check out these quick tips to make sure everything is set to go. 


  • Take a look at your landing page on a few different platforms or devices. For example, ensure your page looks good from a mobile device and a desktop computer. Since a bidder could be previewing your page from multiple devices, ensure your page looks good on more than one device.

  • Review the page as a whole. Read the website from top to bottom to ensure the flow of your information makes sense to your audience. Ensuring that the flow of the information provided does not confuse your audience and is easily understandable for a new attendee.

  • Provide accurate information. Before you go live, ensure that all the information on your page is accurate and up to date for your event. Provide correct event dates and ensure all graphics are related to your current event. If you are providing any contact information for support, ensure that this information is correctly spelled and is easily accessible to your donors if they have any questions or need help. Also, keep updating this page if tickets or sponsorships are sold out. Providing updated information for all attendees to read shows your organization is up to date and does not provide any misleading information.

Start Creating a Great Event Landing Page Today!

By following the 6 recommendations above, you’re well on your way to creating a great event landing page that will encourage your donors to join your cause and allow you to raise more funds.


For more information on creating your ClickBid Landing Page, click here.


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