Top 10 Bidder Tags You Should Use To Boost Your Next Charity Event

April 7, 2022

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Silent auctions have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they allow donors to bid on unique items and experiences while also supporting a good cause. But if charity event fundraisers knew precisely what would pique their donors’ interests and could tag them in their system, they could increase their chances of getting more bids and ultimately raising more money. 

ClickBid has made this a reality!

With our new custom bidder tags, fundraisers can now quickly glean relevant information about their event participants and donors and use this valuable information to craft more targeted and effective marketing strategies to boost their event.

This blog post will discuss the top ten bidder tags being used today and how you can use them to boost your next charity event. 

What are Bidder Tags? 

Bidder tags are labels that help you categorize your event participants and donors. They provide valuable insights into who is interested in what items and experiences so that you can better tailor your marketing efforts. 

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There are many different types of bidder tags, but some of the most popular ones being used today are outlined below. 

Top 10 Types of Custom Bidder Tags in ClickBid 

10. Vaccine Requirement

For venues or organizations that still require proof of vaccination to attend the event, this is a quick way to see who has not yet met the requirement. Vaccine Requirement bidder tags are particularly important for international events where it’s likely that some attendees are not yet vaccinated. 

9. Ticket holder

Did they buy a ticket to your event? Now your bidder tags can tell you! Differentiating between ticket holders and non-ticket holders can help you understand how successful your marketing efforts are. Easily identifying direct walk-ins and other unexpected guests will also assist your team in guiding them to the correct check-in station. 

8. Dietary/Allergy info

Nothing will turn a sweet night sour like an unfortunate culinary experience. Make sure your guests are safe with a tag indicating their dietary request/health status. This is also an excellent way to ensure you cater to as many people as possible. Guests will appreciate feeling cared for, and you’ll be glad you avoided any potential disasters. 

7. Swag options

Handing out t-shirts, gift bags, or other swag items? This bidder tag is a great way to indicate if a donor is supposed to receive something, or specifically what they should receive (i.e., size of t-shirt, red or white wine basket). Tie these to drop-down choices on the ticket page for even more automation! 

6. Virtual Attendee

Here’s an easy way to track who is attending in person and who is attending virtually. Messaging can be filtered to either group, so instructions are more relevant. You can also use this to send a URL or code for the virtual attendees to log in on the day of the event. 

5. Sponsor

Ensure that your biggest patrons are treated to the hospitality they are expecting. The Sponsor bidder tag will help you quickly identify these key players and ensure they have a positive experience. 

4. Board Member

This tag allows check-in staff to immediately know that the holder is a board member, allowing them to provide extra attention or handle requests from the event coordinator. Ensuring that Board Members are catered to will help keep them happy and possibly returning to future events. 

3. Teams

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Assign teams to bidders before the event begins and use tags to identify the fundraising “team,” “captain,” or “champion.” This has become a hot new way to gamify fundraising events. By marking bidders as part of a given team, event performance can be tracked by the team, and prizes awarded or recognition given to the best teams. 

2. VIP

VIP donors are at every charity event, and every good fundraiser knows they need to be tracked and managed especially. The VIP bidder tag lets staff know which guests should be given additional items such as swag or drink tickets right away. You can also filter tailored text messaging to this group, so they feel extra special throughout the event. If you have different levels of VIPs, this is a great way to keep track and make sure everyone gets the experience they are expecting. 

1. Your 2021 Bidders

Keeping track of bidders from past charity events can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort to maintain those relationships. Utilizing a 2021 bidder tag allows you to quickly see who attended your event last year and ensure they are getting the same great experience (or better). 

You can also use the 2021 Bidder tag to identify donors who attended your past charity events and have been ‘kept’ in the database after archiving. Easily track down duplicates and know which record to keep by tagging all of last year’s bidders before you archive (or before adding new bidders this year). 


Charity events are a great way to raise money for a cause, but they can be challenging to manage. You can easily keep track of your guests and ensure that everyone has a positive experience by using bidder tags. With our new Custom Tags for Bidders and Items feature, you can quickly create and assign tags to your guests, making charity event management a breeze. Try out our new feature today and see how it can help you boost your next event! 

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