ClickBid Release Notes - 5.5

March 21, 2018


  • Manage Bidders is now a single page with auto save (like manage items or landing page content)
  • Auction Settings is now auto save
  • Appeal Display is now auto save
  • Leaderboard is now auto save
  • Clear Payments has been added as a 3rd party credit processor
  • Butler now includes company info
  • Butler was improved to avoid item and bidder data issues that would cause the page to fail
  • Users can now request/configure a new admin password via the login page.
  • Appeal display page was improved to show donor names more quickly.
  • Ability to add/edit a credit card was removed from admin Manage Bidders page. Can still see if a card is on file, and there is now a button for sending a [chk] link as well (if there is a phone on file).

Issues addressed

  • Clicking a [u] link while having another keyword’s admin open would change the admin to the [u] keyword
  • Paper bid sheets were printing the bids in high to low order instead of low to high.
  • Deleting bids in bulk will refresh the page without deleting the bids.
  • Ticket purchase guest confirmation email had a bad link to the CB privacy policy.
  • Typo in the batch update section on View Ticket Sales
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