ClickBid Release Notes - 5.4.4

February 14, 2018


  1. For the welcome text message and text bidders, we are attempting to pad either side of [u] and [chk] with spaces as text is entered. We may not be able to avoid this if text is copied and pasted into CB.
  2. Adding a 2nd/3rd/4th event will uncheck ‘Merchant Report Sent’ checkbox

Issues Addressed

  1. All of the online donation pages that show the goal and status bar will be updated to only include completed donations in their numbers.
  2. The ticket page should now recognize refunds when calculating availability of tickets. i.e. if there is one available, one purchased and one refunded, then there should still be one available.
  3. Manage Bidders, if you tried to edit a bidder record that had punctuation in the first or last name, it would not save the record. i.e. Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Jane Smith-Kline, Jr. would have rejected on the periods, &, hyphen and comma.
  4. Numbers are being allowed now as well in case someone uses Guest 1 or a company name as a last name like 3M. All of that validation had been introduced when we stopped allowing spaces for first or last name, and we needed to add back these exceptions.
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