ClickBid Release Notes 4.17

April 24, 2017


  • Braintree has been added as a 3rd party credit processor and info added to the system regarding how ClickBid clients can sign up for their own Braintree merchant account.’  Use of their own Braintree account requires purchase of the 3rd Party credit processing option in ClickBid.
  • When logged in to the bidding site, there will now be an Outbid Notice alert on-screen in addition to sending the text message alert.’  The notice will be a link to the my bids page.
  • The ‘cookies’ notice was revised so that when it displays after a session has timed out, it does not fill the visible page and is now more clear that the bidder may just need to log back in instead of adjusting cookies settings.
  • Facebook donation API improvements were made.
  • Ability was added to include a credit on a bidder’s receipt.
  • Suggested dimensions of the Org logo were added to the Account >> Account Settings page.
  • When a bidder self-registers for an auction and the auction is not yet open, the bidder will receive an on-screen notification of their successful creation of a bidder account in addition to the text message and email they already receive.
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported for ticket pages. When a ticket page is loaded using Internet Explorer, a page will load telling them that the browser cannot be used. It includes links to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as alternates.

Issues Resolved

  • Pop up message was not clear if a bidder attempted to update their password on their settings page.
  • The acknowledge message upon removing a bid from bidder bid history was being displayed on the next page instead of the current page.
  • When emailing a receipt from Post Event >> Event Payments to more than one email address for the bidder, the acknowledge pop up was not listing all email addresses.
  • Post Event >> Event Payments some ‘hover-over’ icon tool tips were not being displayed in the ‘Processed’ payments section.
  • The Checked In Bidders report was also showing bidders that had checked out but not checked in.
  • On the Butler page, removing a bid from the bid history, the acknowledge message was displaying on the main menu page instead of the bid history page.
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